What if matching score is low

Why should we match the horoscope when we know each other? And also, two persons in a relationship sometimes fear: what if the matching score is low.

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What if matching score is low

Sometimes to convince others or themselves, people match the horoscopes online. You get almost similar opinion:

  • A matching score below 18 is not a good match. Leave it.
  • A matching score above 18 is good, and anything beyond 26 or 30 is extremely good. Go ahead.

Now, there are some important questions here: why should we match the horoscopes and if yes, how to match horoscopes? Can marriage be successful without matching horoscopes?

Why to match charts for marriage

It is more important for persons in love to know why we should match horoscope: is horoscope matching required in love marriage? Marriage matching is the matching of compatibility between two marriage aspirants as to how they will react, adapt, adjust and sacrifice for each other in different aspects of life. Don't forget that life and relationships before marriage can change 360 degrees after marriage. Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, this classification ends once you are married. The foundation of compatibility between the two partners is the same for both categories. That is where marriage matching plays a role. You don't match charts for marriage to score or lose points, but matching charts help you check the strengths and weaknesses of one partner's chart with the counterbalancing strength/ability of the opposite partner's chart to complement and supplement the same. There is no need to convince anyone why to match horoscope for marriage; just read how matching charts help you to select the best life partner.


How to match horoscope

Matching horoscope is not just checking the Ashtakoot score or the major Doshas, such as Mangal Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha, or Nadi Dosha. It is checking for compatibility between two people as to how well they will react to each other's different life decisions.

One way is to start defying/disrespecting findings based on matching scores. Another way is to understand: Can we check two people's compatibility using online tools? Does this consider the D-9 Navamsa, the main criterion for checking compatibility between two persons? You need a life partner who is with you in all good and challenging times, be it physical, mental, emotional, professional, or family-related matters. Can you put these factors in and get mathematical results? NO.

Just read two examples to understand how the proper matching of horoscopes can change your decision.


Can marriage with less than 18 be a good match – Yes?

Mostly, people say a matching score of below 18 is not good for marriage. But I say a matching score of even 10.5/36 can be a good match. I am fully conscious in giving an example with actual birth details and would welcome any comments/ criticism on this analysis from any expert in the field. Mind you, this is one of the examples.

Example 1.

    Girl – Ms ST 18/06/1997, 07:50 AM, Kanpur, UP 

    Boy - Mr. AB 25/08/1997, 14:25 PM, Karad, Maharashtra 

  1. Both had known each other for years and wanted to marry.
  2. The Ashtakoot points were 10.5 out of 36 and would have been a clear no
  3. There were two Major Doshas: Nadi Dosha and Bhakoot Dosha. 
  4. The Nakshatra lords of both the girl and boy were Moon and Jupiter, who are friends, resulting in the cancellation of Nadi Dosha. 
  5. The boy and girl's Moon signs were Taurus and Libra ruled by the same planet Venus, which shows an amiable relationship between the lords of the Moon signs of both parties. So, the Bhakoot Dosha also gets cancelled.  
  6. The original score of 10.5 increased to 25.5 with the cancellation of Nadi and Bhakoot Dosha. 
  7. None is Manglik. 
  8. The karakas for marriage, i.e., Jupiter and Venus, were not good in the D-1 chart but strengthened in the Navamsa or the D-9 charts. 

The compatibility began negatively but eventually reached a high score of 70% due to the cancellation of Dosha and Karaka matching. But I don't know how many astrologers could do it.

Example 2 – Very classical horoscope matching – arranged marriage

Girl – Ms XY – 08.02.1997, 8.04 PM, Wellington, TN, India

Boy – Mr AB – 17.03.1997, 03.38 AM, Dwarka, New Delhi.

  1. They are getting 12 points out of 36 in the Ashtakoot matching score, which would have been a NO.
  2. There were two Major Doshas - Nadi Dosha and Bhakoot Dosha.  
  3. Boy's Rashi Gemini, Girl's Rashi Aquarius. There is a friendship between Gemini and Aquarius. So, Bhakoot Dosha gets cancelled to add seven more points.
  4. For Nadi Dosha, the boy's Nakshatra is Arda, whereas the girl's Nakshatra is Shatabhisha.
  5. The Nakshatra Lord for both of them is Rahu. But the Pada for the boy is second, whereas the Pada for the girl is one. So, with different Padas, the Nadi Dosha gets cancelled.
  6. We can add eight more points. And now the score becomes 27 of 36.
  7. The boy is not a Manglik. The girl is a Manglik, with Mangal sitting with Rahu in the second house. But since the boy has three malefic planets, Surya, Ketu, and Saturn, in the third house, it neutralizes the mangal Dosha of the girl. So, the Mangal Dosha also gets cancelled.
  8. The matching score is 27 out of 36, with no Mangal Dosha, no Nadi Dosha or Bhakoot Dosha. What else do you need for a perfect go-ahead?
  9. But what about the compatibility of main Karakas, Venus, Jupiter and Seventh house lords?  
  10. In boy's D-1 (Lagana) chart) Venus is not good sitting in the 2nd house, Jupiter is debilitated, not good and Chandrama is also not good. Why? Because it is sitting in the sixth house.
  11. So, all three parameters, the Karakas for marriage, are not positioned well in the boy's D-1 chart.
  12. In the girl's D-1, also Jupiter is debilitated, Venus is sitting in the sixth house, not good, whereas Saturn is sitting in the eighth house, not good.
  13. So, the D-1 of both do not indicate a good alliance.
  14. Now, let us check the Navamsa, the D9-chart.
  15. In the boy's D-9 Navamsa chart, Jupiter has gained strength. Venus is good, but the seventh house Lord, again, is not good here.
  16. In the girl's Navamsa, Jupiter and  Venus both are not good and Mars, the seventh house Lord, is okay.

Overall, three factors are not good in the boy's D-1 chart. The same way, all three factors are not good in the girl's D-1 chart. So, no one is complementing each other's charts.

In the D-9, two factors are good in boys' charts but not the third one. In the girl's D-9, only one factor is good, and the other two are not.

Final opinion—The Karakas for marriage do not match the desired level, so the overall compatibility is below average, and marriage is not recommended. If this is an arranged marriage, it is surely not recommended. You should rethink and then decide. See how things can change opinion from No to yes, then again, no. I doubt if this is possible online or by a novice. Read more about how to match horoscope. But if you still do not want to match horoscopes, do not follow the path of performing materialistic remedies for a successful marriage without matching horoscopes.


In today's world, marriages break mostly for reasons ranging from incompatibility to work-related disparities. Don’t worry if the matching score is low because it does not stop you from getting the best life partner.

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