Watch: These two bikers just had an encounter with a tiger and lived to tell the tale

The tiger just showed why peaceful co-existence is possible.

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In a video which has gone viral on social media, a tiger is seen to graze past a motorcycle. The entire sequence of event is video-graphed from a car which is stationed in front of the tract of land, where the tiger and the motor cycle riders had a rather chilling encounter. 

According to unconfirmed reports, the video is from Umred in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. In the video, the individuals are heard speaking in both Marathi and Hindi interchangeably. Umred Karhandla wildlife sanctuary is located 58 kilometres from Nagpur. It is known for significant presence of tigers and there is a peaceful co-existence between man and the beast. The video also shows the unique relationship between the king of jungle and mere mortals. 


 In the video, heavy forestation can be seen in the both sides and the road is dusty. So it looks like part of a wildlife sanctuary, where the tigers just came out of the woods probably in search of food. 

In the video, initially the tiger is seen to guard the path and the car stationed at a safe distance is unable to make the way. Suddenly from other side of the road, a motor biker comes with a pillion rider. They are distinctly startled by the presence of the tiger.

However using presence of mind, they didn't try to outrun or outsmart the tiger. They kept silent and stopped the bike, thus not alarming the tiger. It sniffed past the motorbike but didn't do any harm. An extended portion of the video shows a shadow, which looks like another tiger on the anvil. Both tigers were merely inspecting the bike and just as one had come perilously close, the biker started the car and managed to escape.

All in all, a bone-chilling experience for them, something they wouldn't like a repeat anytime soon. But the lesson to be learnt perhaps is, till the time wild animals are not bothered, they wouldn't be attacking humans indiscriminately. Maybe it is time for adopting the formula of 'live and let live' so that king of jungle can live in peace. 


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