Watch: Pakistan uses children to peddle hatred against India

Shocking! Pakistan is making children say inflammatory slogans like "Aab sirf Urdu chalegi" and "...Delhi Gate par gaay ki kebab khayenge".

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In a new low Pakistan, after failing to counter India over the abrogation of Article 370, is now using children to peddle and propagate hate against its neighbour.

A video has emerged in which Pakistani children are seen parroting anti-India remarks to attract people to a convention for the Azadi-e-Kashmir (freedom of Kashmir) march against India's move to abrogate article 370 in Kashmir. The video was a part of Pakistan Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba's (largest student organisation of Pakistan) Kashmir campaign.

The 45-second video, which is making rounds on social media, was posted by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat.

"This is yet another brainwashed generation of Pakistani children dreaming of conquering India. Old chooran, same old delusions," Inayat tweeted.



In the video, a child is seen ranting against the Indian Army and the RSS. Another boy warned the RSS, "We will take revenge for the martyrdom of every Muslim as Hind will become Pakistan."

Pakistan has ratcheted up its rhetoric ever since August 5. It has been using every means to internationalise India's removal of Article 370.

The video has drawn sharp reactions online. "Will their teachers give a live demo of a suicide bombing? Wonder how that might work. They won't be alive to give another demo," reacted one.

"The Pakistani entertainment industry is growing heavily in India through these videos. They are providing comedy videos on a daily basis to India," reacted another.

A Twitter user questioned whether this was the country of Jinnah's dream. "Hahahaha, and then they wonder what went wrong with Jinnah's dream Pakistan, the land of pures? In whatever state of affairs they are in, they still applaud these micro products. Allah Raham."

"Our kids want to become doctors, engineers, army officers, pilots, scientists and whatnot. But here they are still selling the dream of Jehad and capturing India. They have lost a full generation to this propaganda, it's a loss for Pakistan. Feel sorry for them and the thinking," another Twitter user said.

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