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The decision to install solar is surely rewarding and will help in generating more savings in the long run

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As a conscious and responsible citizen of India, the time to adopt to better and sustainable ways of life has come. Lack of consistent electricity and limited resources to deploy a long-term solution has been an area on concern. There are many towns and villages that continue to face power issues like cuts and low voltage. To overcome all these issues solar energy is slated to bridge the gap. Naturally available in abundance, the energy from the Sun is a boon for the mankind.

With various policies and schemes by the central governments and state governments besides provisioning of loans, by the banks, the adoption of solar is becoming a viable option at the household level. Besides homes, solar power is being looked at as a feasible solution for various applications in industries, agriculture, commercial establishments, Hospitals, offshore etc. In-fact with natural calamities like cyclones, floods and others that disrupt the power/ electricity, the disaster management teams look up for solar energy-based solutions along with lithium batteries for quick turn around on the relief camps and overall operations.

With ease of deployment, the solar energy solutions are deemed as the most appropriate solution that can be quickly installed in a limited area, and limited time framework. With energy demands and corresponding energy bills consistently on the rise, solar energy is being seen as a possible remedial solution. 

Solar power being a renewable source is also effective in reducing carbon footprint and to make this even more effective companies like Loom Solar have been working across India to provide sustainable solutions for its customers and has powered over 50,000 rooftops across India. The company has presence in across 3500 retail stores in more than 500 cities across the country.

Much has been documented regarding the benefits of installing solar panels. The vital reasons to choose solar panels are:

  1. Reduces electricity bills.
  2. Generate your own energy even in low light conditions.
  3. Beneficial for the environment
  4. Increases the value of the property when installed

Another interesting aspect of choosing solar panels is that in 3-4 years period, the capital invested is recovered completely and for the rest of its years (that is 20-25 years) solar panels continue to perform with a minimal depreciation in the efficiency and eventually become another strong reason to invest.

Start Solar Business with Just Rs 1000/- 

Besides being a customer, investing just Rs 1000 can be starting point as additional income source for the people who want to take minimal risk. Loom solar is not only about generating electricity and conserving nature rather it also creates employment. It offers a simple yet rewarding business model. One can get the franchise of solar panels against an investment of INR 1,000 and it brings a commission of 15% as remuneration with its first order billing. The company has also introduced an affiliate program which is highly rewarding.

Essential Solar Power Components:

Comprehensive and useful products for any solar power system include Solar panels, lithium batteries, solar inverters, solar wires, panel stands and charge controllers etc. Once the products are installed by Loom Solar provides special service solutions as well.

Why should one trust any solar company?

Clean track record, consistent performance, innovation, and the introduction of latest technology products, strong compliance besides having satisfied, and happy customers makes all reasons to have a strong acceptance of brand like Loom Solar to be in the consideration set of buyers.

The decision to install solar is surely rewarding and will help in generating more savings in the long run. 





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