Shiv Sena protests against family planning, offers Rs 21,000 to Hindu families with 10 or more children

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At a time when governments across nations are looking at population control, some political parties are going in the opposite direction. According to a report in the Indian Express, the Uttar Pradesh unit of Shiv Sena is looking to offer cash to Hindu families who have 10 or more children.

It may sound incredulous, but Shiv Sena has a firm rationale behind this. It is apparently their effort to counter the "growing influence of other communities". Hence, Rs 21,000 will be given to such families. 

UP chief Anil Singh told the newspaper that they have instructed district units to identify such families. There is also an elaborate plan to award these families as well. Reportedly, there will be a certificate with the message, “Rashtra hit me Hinduon ki jansankhya badhane ke liye (For increasing population of Hindus for sake of the country).”

The party is looking to turn back the clock by agitating against family planning by Hindus. According to the UP party chief, only Hindus undertook population control measures and the demographic balance of the country may get altered if the trend continued. Singh even predicts that Hindus will become a minority in India!

As part of their "movement", the Sena will lock up government medical centres for a few hours on different days from November 1 onwards. 

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