'Really, really upset' Dr Kafeel Khan writes detailed post on inabiltiy to go to Kerala to treat Nipah virus victims

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Dr Kafeel Khan, who rose to fame for supplying oxygen to infants during the Gorakhpur Hospital tragedy, has expressed disappointment in the Kerala government asking him to wait for 2-3 days before coming to the state. The move comes after Uttar Pradesh authorities said that he could not visit Kerala as he was still suspended by BRD Medical College Hospital.

Khan, who was in the thick of things during the Gorakhpur Oxygen supply tragedy offered to help in Kerala, where the Nipah virus has killed at least 12 people.

He wrote on his Facebook account: “After sehri n fajr namaz was trying to sleep but couldn’t. Disturbed with increase no of mortality due to Nipah Virus (NiV ) infection n rumours spreading on social media platforms .

I request Kerala Chief minister Mr Pinarayi Vijayan to allow me to serve at Calicut Medical college to save innocent lives. Sister Lini is an inspiration and I am more than willing to sacrifice my life for the noble cause. May Allah give me the strength /knowledge and skill to serve Humanity.”

However, Yogi Adityanth-led BJP government is likely to deny permission to Dr Kafeel Ahmed Khan, the suspended pediatrician and Lecturer at the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur, for going to Kerala and volunteer his services to the Nipah virus victims.

Dr Ganesh Kumar, the Acting Principal BRD Medical College, told DNA that Dr Khan will not be allowed to volunteer his medical services in Kerala without prior permission. “So far, he has not sought any permission from the College. We will not give any permission to offer his services in Kerala without approval from the Director general Medical Education (DGME),” said Dr Kumar.

A senior official of the DGME office told that there was no question of state government giving him any permission to serve in any other hospital when he was very much an employee of the BRD Medical College and drawing half salary during the suspension period.

“He is facing serious charges and currently on bail. As per rules, he cannot offer his medical services to anyone or indulge in private practice during his suspension period without prior permission to the DGME,” said the senior officer.

Read Khan’s full text here

Really Really upset today.

I have been informed by the state govt of Kerala to hold my travel plans to Kochi for 2-3 days . So Iam cancelling my reservations.

I know many of you would be feeling disappointed but i am helpless as I have tried my level best to render help in such crisis.

I know that a state like Kerala have  one of the best Healthcare infrastructure and manpower to deal with such crisis but I just wanted to add my services as it could be morale boosting for lot of people .

Even I wrote to Director General of Medical Education,Uttar-pradesh about my visit.

I had written that post after sehri on 22/05/18 when probably all the humans who are observing Roza are at their purest as I just felt bad for people who are suffering from that disease !!

It had been a real emotional time since that post as I had to convince my family members to expose myself to Nipah Virus But my Mother finally agreed and said -“I got u after 9 months and again you are leaving me? I give u permission to go as you are going there to save somebody’s life only -I have to think as a Mother .”

My Elder Brother was also going with me in spite of knowing the risk .

It all seems a bit alien to me that -why can’t I serve my country men???

But it seems being a SOCIALIST is a difficult choice considering the current affairs of our country .

But in spite of such constraints I will not change my Motto and will keep pitching in with help where ever required .

From my side I have offered they have accepted then they told me to postpone...

I am now on call to go if required.

Jai Hind !!

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