Rahul Gandhi has become 'Rahu' for Congress: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Rahul Gandhi is a leader who has no knowledge of the country as well as its policies.

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Rahul Gandhi (File)

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday said that Rahul Gandhi has no knowledge of the country, and has become the inauspicious 'Rahu' for the Congress.

Rahu, an imaginary celestial body, is ascribed evil influence under Hindu astrology.

"Rahul Gandhi is a leader who has no knowledge of the country as well as its policies. The country runs by the Constitution and not by the tongue (speech). People of the country know that the Congress is a problem for the country and Rahul is a problem for the Congress," Chouhan told reporters.

While the country is passing through an 'Amrit Kaal' (golden period), the Congress is facing 'Rahu Kaal', the BJP leader said.

"Rahul Gandhi is not Rahul for the Congress but the 'Rahu'," he quipped.

Where would the Congress leader have been had he not belonged to the Nehru-Gandhi family, Chouhan asked.

Congress leaders "who are slaves of the Gandhi family" are trying to make Rahul Gandhi a national leader even though he is the "most unsuccessful, weak, irresponsible, careless and egotist leader of the party,' he said.

Referring to Rahul tearing up an ordinance on electoral disqualification law issued by the Manmohan Singh government in 2013, he asked whether it was not an "act of egotism"

Being egotist, Rahul Gandhi disrespects different sections of society and castes as he knows that they would not be able to challenge him, Chouhan said, alleging that his ego made the Congress leader term an entire community as thieves.

"Despite all this, he says that he will not apologize," the chief minister said.

"At present he has lost his Lok Sabha membership and his (official) residence. If the Congress continues to challenge backward classes, then it will lose its existence one day," Chouhan said.

All "corrupt leaders" were in trouble, he further said.

The Congress leader had in the past sought proof of surgical strikes against terrorists, questioned the Army's valour and disrespected the country and its democracy on foreign soil, Chouhan alleged.

Reacting to Chouhan's remarks, state Congress president Kamal Nath's media advisor Piyush Babele said "if someone terms Chouhan as 'Shanichari' (bad) he will feel bad about it."

A person occupying a constitutional post should be mindful of the decorum associated with the post, Babele said.

State Congress media department chairman K K Mishra said that after October, Chouhan's 'sade-sati' (bad time as per astrology) is going to start.

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