More than 10% Indians lie on resume to get jobs

In India, background screening is done only by IT, finance firms and banks

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More than 10% Indians lie on resume to get jobs
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More than ten percent of the Indians lie on their resume while applying for jobs. These include details on education, criminal records, and even residential address.

While this number is very low as compared to other countries like the US, which has 25 per cent discrepancies, experts say this could be because the number of checks carried out in India are low.

Out of the total numbers of people who give false information before applying for a job, 10 per cent turned out to be faking about completing a course, 5 per cent were from fake universities and almost 50 per cent had submitted fake documents. This data has been collected by First Advantage, a global background screening agency, largest in India.

Background screening, which is the practice of verifying background information of a prospective employee is a 10-year-old practice but not followed much in India. "In India, background screening is done only by IT industries, finance firms and banks. Off late, we have also seen traction developing in sectors like hospitality and manufacturing," said Purushotam Savlani, SVP and Managing Director of First Advantage India.

"There are various checks while verifying the resume of a candidate, like education, past employment and criminal history. Educational discrepancies are taken very seriously, specially in fields like IT and Finance because if a person lies about having a skill that he/she does not have, technical work, which needs to be done by a specialist will suffer," Savlani added.

As per the data shared by the agency, the discrepancy versus verified percentage for 2011, 2012 and 2013 was at 10 per cent. In 2014 it had risen to 10.5 per cent. In 2015 it has further risen to 11.6 per cent. During 2016 it fell to 11.1 percent and further to 10.6 percent, in the first half of 2017.

"Developed countries like the US, New Zealand and Australia have a high discrepancy rate because of the awareness among employers there. In India, background verification is a nascent industry with growing need and awareness. The number of checks carried out in India are significantly lower, some employers believe that background screening as an additional unnecessary expense," he added.


  • In India, background screening is done only by IT, finance firms and banks.
  • The trend is now spreading to hospitality and manufacturing sectors.
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