Mayawati drops a bombshell; claims BJP hatched plot to assassinate her during Saharanpur riots

Mayawati had resigned from the Rajya Sabha after the riots

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Mayawati drops a bombshell; claims BJP hatched plot to assassinate her during Saharanpur riots


Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Monday dropped a bombshell, alleging that the BJP had plotted her assassination during the Saharanpur riots that took place in April this year.

Addressing a rally and workers’ convention in Meerut, the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister claimed that the BJP had hatched the conspiracy to assassinate her after she resigned from her position in the Rajya Sabha, following the Saharanpur riots.

She further alleged that the BJP had engineered the riots to divert the people’s attention from the issue of tampering of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) during the state assembly polls, which saw the BJP win a record 325 seats.

“The violence in Shabbirpur was escalated, thanks to the BJP and its supporters just to divert the attention from the EVM tampering allegation,” she alleged.

She further claimed that the BJP had hatched a plan after they found out that she would be visiting the riot-hit area. “The plan was that Mayawati would visit riot-hit Shabbirpur and give provocative speech to assuage feelings of dalits. The BJP and its supporters will take advantage of the situation to flare up riots again and kill Mayawati in the garb of fresh violence,” she said, adding that she had been informed of the plans well in advance.

The BSP Supremo said she resigned from the Rajya Sabha when she was not allowed to speak on Saharapur riots and make these disclosures in the Parliament.

“Today, situation prevailing in the country under the Narendra Modi government is worst than emergency in 1975. The BJP government is using the CBI, Enforcement Directorate and other agencies to target opposition leaders,” she claimed.

The BSP Supremo also charged the Modi government with stalling reservations in promotions and reservations in private sectors. “BJP is an anti-dalit party. But, of late, it has been trying to woo dalits to make political gains” she pointed.

She also took a dig at the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh for deceiving farmers on loan waiver. “They had promised to waive off Rs 1 lakh loan but farmers are getting cheque for few paise and rupees only,” she ridiculed.

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