What happened in Muzaffarnagar is my own story: Rahul Gandhi in Alwar, Rajasthan

The upcoming assembly election in Rajasthan is being seen as a litmus test for both the parties ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

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Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is addressing rallys in Rajasthan.

After speaking at Churu, Rahul Gandhi now speaks at a rally in Alwar.

Excerpts from the speech at Alwar:

* My mother told me I don't like you talking about me during your speeches.

* Two most people in my family were killed by terrorists - my father and my grandmother.

* My grandmother used to provide shade like a tree.

*  A Sikh person stood by my grandmother during bad times. But in 5-6 years things changed.

* Those who killed my grandmother were my friends.

* I am a victim of terrorism. And I am not alone. Lakhs of people in the country have been affected by terrorism.

* What happened in Muzaffarnagar is my own story.

*  The one thing that our opposition does is put in hatred in people's hearts. They make Hindus and Muslims fight.

* Terrorism happens because anger is instilled. Anger is the root cause of terrorist activites.

* India will not progress with anger and hatred but with unity.

* Why do people fight? They are made to fight for somebody else's gain.

* Till the voices of the common man and women here does not reach behind the closed doors of power there will be no change.

* India cannot progress without the common man. We will make place for the common man in the political system.

* We made three times the number of roads that NDA made during their 5 years in power.

* We want people to be together, live in peace. Congress practices the politics of love.

Earlier in the day,

AICC General Secretary and party in-charge Gurudas Kamat and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot were present during the rally at Churu.

The assembly polls in Rajasthan are scheduled to be held on December 1.

Rajasthan is expected to witness a fierce battle between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Excerpts from the speech at Churu:

* People used to be scared of my grandmother but I would never be. Her assistant would ask me what her mood was like.

* The pain I experienced on that day I experienced again when my father died. It felt like someone had ripped my chest open.

* Remembering the day he came to know of Indira Gandhi's assassination, 'It was like my heart had been torn apart.'

* One can get angry in a moment, but it takes years to build trust.

* BJP will go to Muzaffarnagar, Gujarat, Kashmir and put it on fire. Then we have to douse the fire. We have to hold hands of the victims.

* I met the people of Muzaffarnagar and saw my pain in them.

* They killed my grandmother, father and probably will kill me too.

* A leader told me that if I had met him 20 years ago he would have killed me but today he could hug me.

* Indira Gandhi assassins were planning to kill them on Diwali.

* I am standing before you and talking to you in a spirit of brotherhood.

* BJP talks about roads - we have made three times more roads than they have.

* I just dont want to win the elections, I want to give Churu what it deserves.

* We have carried out the politics of the poor over the last 9 years and that will continue.

* 7 out of 10 youths in Punjab are drug addicts.

* This speech is getting long, but I am in the mood so I will extend my speech a little.

* I speak from the heart, not with an eye on votes.

* We’re making freight corridors and industrial corridors across India.

* In the next five years in Rajasthan, there will be a lot of development.

* I will tell you the biggest shortage in the country. Shortage of leadership. 300 -500 people run it.

* I want the youth and poor to run the political system in future.

* We want to take all people forward along with us, from all religions.

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