Japanese tech, funding, Indian HR key for bullet train: adviser

India will have to quickly develop the required skills for the project to take off, says key official

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Japanese tech, funding, Indian HR key for bullet train: adviser


Sanjeev Sinha, newly appointed as adviser to the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train project by the Japanese government, said on Thursday that India will have to quickly develop human resources and skills for the ambitious project to start on time.

"There are three main aspects to Bullet Train project - technology, funding and human resources. While Japan is providing the technology and funding for the project, India has to provide the human resources. If we can combine strengths of the two, the project can be completed by 2022-23," Sinha said at Mahatma Mandir.

If the human resources development is taken care of, and quickly, the project becoming a reality within the deadline is very feasible, he stressed.

Sinha said that the bullet train project would create 10,000 direct employment opportunities, "and 2-3 lakh indirect employment".

Asked about the spate of railway accidents witnessed in India in the recent past, Sinha said, "Japan's focus is on 100 per cent safety, and railway accidents in India are a concern. However, we feel that Japanese experience, technology, work culture and control systems can help in this regard, not just for Bullet train project, but other railway network too."

He reiterated that these are the factors why the Shinkansen train in Japan has had no accident in over 50 years of operation.

"In Japan, there is no compromise as far as safety is concerned, and we will replicate the same here," he said. Sinha added that the project would not only lead to better connectivity, but also lead to significant economic development by adding 2 per cent to the region's GDP.


  • Bullet train project will add 10,000 direct jobs, Indian adviser Sanjeev Sinha said.
  • Bullet train expected to add two percentage points to India’s GDP
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