Indore: Cell phone explodes in 10-yr-old's hand

Boy might lose his index finger.

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Playing games on mobile phone cost a 10-year-old boy dear after the phone, which was kept plugged in for charging, exploded injuring him in hand and face. 

The boy Aryan Shivade, a resident of Bagli in Dewas district, was brought to Vedant Hospital at Tower Square on Wednesday with injuries on his right hand and face.

Doctors said while his hand can be saved, his index finger might have to be amputated. “We are trying our best to not to amputate his finger, but if needed, we will have to go for it,” said  Dr Ashish Agrawal, who is treating the child.

Aryan’s father, Mahesh Chandra Shivade said he did not know who the manufacturer of handset was. “I purchased it for Rs 700 from the local market,” he told dna. Ironically, Aryan’s treatment will cost Mahesh around Rs 50,000, a cost of an IPhone5.

Technicians dealing with repair of mobile phones claim that the explosion was probably caused in the battery due to power fluctuations while charging. “Cheap batteries bloat after being overcharged and are more prone to explosions,” said Sushil Sahu, owner of a mobile repairing centre at Chhapan Dukan.

“One should never use the mobile phone while it is charging. A battery on its own does not have power to create the blast. It needs an external source,” he added.

Mobile shop owner D L Bagadi  said that one must never charge mobile phone for more than an hour.

“There are many people who leave their phones on charging while they go to sleep in the night. This keeps phone on charging for around six hours, which is very risky. Also, mobile should not be charged in areas where there is fluctuation in voltage,” he added.

The explosion of the mobile phone raised concerns among residents who demanded stricter screening of cell phones sold in the market. They felt that government should set up a mechanism to prevent sale of unsafe phones like cheap Chinese brands which have flooded the market.

Some also demanded insurance cover from the companies, so that the company pays for treatment in case the mobile explodes.

“There is a need  for a government agency which can clear sale of mobile phones for the Indian customers. I have never seen a mobile phone which has ISI mark on it”, said Parikshit Kanash, an engineering student and keen user of smart phones.

Some felt  that mobile phones of known brands should only be allowed to be sold in the market. “A brand is a symbol of trust. And I think people should buy branded products  which have been in the country for long. However, it will be wonderful if an government agency like Bureau of Indian Standards takes care of mobile phones too”, said mobile phone enthusiast Prashant Shivahare. A senior manager from Samsung told dna that company’s mobile phones go through various stages of checking. “The first is in China where labour and parts come cheap, then it is in Korea and last in India as the temperatures  here go to extremes. “But India does not have any agency which checks mobile phones in terms of safety. We (Samsung) do it ourselves”, he said.

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