IndiGo flight emergency door row: How is BJP MP Tejasvi Surya involved in Chennai flight delay?

Eyewitnesses claimed that it was BJP MP Tejasvi Surya who had opened the IndiGo flight emergency door, causing a 2 hour delay.

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A scare and panic were triggered on an IndiGo flight weeks ago when the emergency door of the Chennai-Trivandrum flight was opened before it took off, which led to a two-hour delay and major inconvenience for all the passengers.

In yet another incident of misconduct, the passenger opened an emergency door creating a scare among passengers on IndiGo 6E flight 6E-7339 from Chennai to Trivandrum on December 10, 2022. The flight took off after pressurization checks soon after. DGCA has ordered a probe into the matter.

It must be noted that Bengaluru South Lok Sabha MP Tejasvi Surya and Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai were also on the flight, and the blame for opening the IndoGo flight emergency door has now landed on Surya.

Many passengers, and eyewitnesses of the incident, have said that it was BJP leader Tejasvi Surya who had opened the door of the flight, leading to major inconvenience for all the other passengers on board. Further, people are also claiming that since Surya was a BJP leader and held an influential position, no action was taken against him.

The incident had taken place almost a month ago and only surfaced in the news today. Congress claimed that BJP had tried to push down the reports of the incident to protect the image of their MP Tejasvi Surya.

"Tejasvi Surya is an example of what will happen if children playing games are given the proprietorship. An act of children's mischief by trying to open the emergency exit door of the plane has come to light. Why prank the lives of passengers?" Karnataka Congress said.

In an exclusive report by News18, a Tamil Nadu BJP leader confirmed that it was Tejasvi Surya who had opened the emergency door, but not on purpose. The leader said that the incident was inadvertent and was not meant to cause any disruptions.

Tejasvi Surya was sitting in a seat near the emergency exit of the flight, and his seat did not have any armrest so he was lightly resting his arm on the emergency door, which then opened accidentally. He then got up and apologized to the staff and alerted them of the open emergency door.

(With inputs from agencies)

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