Gone in 55 hours: Yeddyurappa becomes CM with one of the shortest stints

Siddaramaiah also had a 7 days stint earlier.

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BS Yeddyurappa who was sworn in as Chief Minister of Karnataka for the third time on Thursday lasted only 55 hours in the job this time around. After reading the writings on the wall, Karnataka CM resigned after giving an emotional speech shortly before the trust vote was taken. With that, Yeddyurappa has now the dubious record of one of the shortest stint as Chief Minister of a state. 

Here's the list of other Chief Ministers who had very few days in the office: 

Jagdambika Pal  Chief Minister of UP for 3 days from 21 February 1998 to 23 February 1998.

Satish Prasad Singh in Bihar for 5 days from 28 January to 1 February 1968.

S C Marak in Meghalaya. from 27 February 1998 to 3 March 1998.

Janaki Ramachandran from Tamil Nadu  for  24 days from 7 January to 30 January 1998.

B P Mandal  from Bihar for 31 days from 1 February to 2 March 1968.

C H Mohd Koya of Kerala for 45 days from 12 October to 1 December 1979

O P Chautala of Haryana 4 month 22 days  from 2 December 1988 to 22 May 1989.

B. S. Yeddyurappa of Karnataka for 7 days from 12 November 2007 – 19 November 2007

S. R. Kanthi of Karnataka for 98 days from 1 November 1956 – 16 May 1958

Kadidal Manjappa of Karnatkaa  for 73 days 19 August 1956 – 31 October 1956

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