From saluting Indians on difficult feats to batting for 'adventure sports', highlights from PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat'

The Prime Minister was in awe regarding India's biodiversity and scientific feats

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the nation in the 62nd edition of his monthly radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat'. The programme was aired today at 11 AM. The radio address was aired live on All India Radio (AIR), Doordarshan, and on the Narendra Modi app. Akashvani also broadcast 'Mann Ki Baat' in regional languages immediately after the Hindi broadcast.

Modi started out by regarding young India in a high note. "If we want to progress in life, to develop, to do something, then the first condition is that the student inside us should never die," said the Prime Minister, "Our 105-year-old Bhagirathi Amma inspires us. Bhagirathi Amma rejoined school at the age of 105 and scored well in the exams. Such people are an inspiration."

The Prime Minister also discussed feats by Indians who have achieved success despite impossible odds.

"Salman, a divyang by birth, is manufacturing slippers and detergent in Hamirpur village of UP's Moradabad. He has trained and employed 30 divyangs. Salman has resolved to employ 100 more people this year. I salute their courage and entrepreneurship," Modi said.

In another instance, the Prime Minister said, "I would like to discuss with you the achievement of twelve-year-old daughter Kamya Karthikeyan. Kamya has shown the feat of conquering Mount Aconcagua at just 12 years of age. It is the highest peak of the ANDES Mountains in South America. Which is about 7,000 meters high."

PM Modi said that listening to a divyang woman at Hunar Haat was a source of fulfilment. "She told me that earlier she used to sell paintings on the pavement. Her life changed after she connected with Hunar Haat," the Prime Minister said, "Through Hunar Haat, close to 3 lakh artisans gained opportunities for employment."

Projecting a hopeful message for the future of sports in India, Modi said that the coming months are very suitable for 'adventure sports'. "The geographical location of India is such that provides a lot of opportunities for adventure sports in our country. You must connect your life with adventure," he said.

Further, the Prime Minister said that the latest feats in science and technology fill every Indian with pride.

Talking about increase in enthusiasm among the youth regarding science and technology, the Prime Minister said that a new system has been introduced which will increase the scientific temper in the children. "Visitors can now witness rocket launches at Sri Harikota, I encourage schools to take children to boost their scientific temperament," he said, "A gallery has been created with a seating capacity of 10,000 people."

Pointing out that he was witness to this increase in interest, PM Modi said, "The enthusiasm I noticed in children in Bengaluru during my visit to ISRO for Chandrayaan-2 event is unmatched."

The Prime Minister was also in awe regarding India's biodiversity. "Biologists have discovered a new species of fish whose habitat is within the caves of Meghalaya," he said, "It is believed that this fish is the largest among aquatic species found under the surface of caves. It lives in dark, dark underground caves, with little chance of light reaching in. Scientists are perplexed at the ability of this large fish to survive in such deep caves."

Modi added, "Throughout the year, India is home to many migratory species. We are told that more than 500 varieties of birds fly in from varied regions. Recently, Gandhinagar host to COP13 convention, where this phenomenon was mulled over, discussed and deliberated."

In his first episode of "Mann Ki Baat" programme, after Lok Sabha elections, on June 30, Modi discussed various topics like water crisis and International Yoga Day. He had also urged people to inculcate a habit of reading books regularly. He had said that he felt "empty" without addressing countrymen on the last Sunday of every month.

The programme is broadcast on the last Sunday of the month and suggestions, stories and ideas are invited from people for it.

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