Empower rural Indians to be CEOs, says Sadhguru to business leaders

Regarding the pandemic, Sadhgru said that in the battle between saving lives and pre-pandemic lifestyle, life has to win.

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Empower rural Indians to be CEOs, says Sadhguru to business leaders


In an interaction with business leaders, Sadhguru, Founder Isha Foundation urged businesses to go where the people are, rather than people having to go in search of businesses. This was said in the context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the long-term challenges of increasing migration towards cities, that results in more urban poor and slum dwellers.

Addressing participants at the Isha 'Human is Not a Resource' virtual event, Sadhguru said that a large share of global investment had been focussed in 25-30 major cities around the world. Referring to this trend, he said that over 1.6 billion people world over would have to migrate to cities in search of opportunities.

As a solution to this, he suggested that businesses in India capitalize on the potential in rural talent. "It is critical that businesses spread in rural India. Your company will have a lot of room for innovation. Wherever the people are, that's where businesses should go," he said adding that organizations should invest at least 10% to 15% of their operations in rural areas.

Urging industries to establish skill development centers to upskill the youth according to industry needs, Sadhguru said that this is a chance for industries to nurture the seed of human potential. He said it was important to "attach humanity to all human activity," in order to bring out the best in people.

Regarding the pandemic, he said that in the battle between saving lives and pre-pandemic lifestyle, life has to win. He added that over 3.7 million lives were lost globally due to Covid-19, but said that every generation had faced its own challenges, only to rise back stronger.

"Our HR department is called 'Human Possibilities'; we look at each human as a possibility. Feedback is not outcome-centered but on creating an atmosphere of nurture and inspiration for volunteers to give their 100%", Maa Gnana, in-charge of Human Possibilities department, told over 150 participants from 11 countries on the final day of HINAR program.

Maa Gnana, who joined Isha 17 years ago from Lebanon, says that the complete alignment with organisational priorities allows us at Isha to see beyond departmental boundaries, moving people vertically or horizontally as per the requirements of the time.

The three-day event also witnessed sessions by Lt. Gen. Alok Kler, Former General Officer Commanding In Chief, South Western Command, Raj Raghavan, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, IndiGo among others.

Human is NOT a Resource (HINAR) is an annual leadership program organized by Isha Leadership Academy. The proceeds from this program will go to Isha COVID Action, an initiative to provide critical assistance to vulnerable groups affected by COVID-19.

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