Does COVID-19 vaccine affect fertility? Here's what Health Ministry said

The Union Health Ministry has said that no scientific evidence has been found that the anti-Covid-19 vaccine reduces fertility in men and women.

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Does COVID-19 vaccine affect fertility? Here's what Health Ministry said
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Ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, several rumours have been doing the rounds on social media. Meanwhile, a rumour was also spread that the COVID-19 vaccine affects the fertility of those who get it. 

The Union Health Ministry has dismissed this claim.

On Wednesday, the ministry said that no scientific evidence has been found to prove that fertility is reduced due to the anti-Covid-19 vaccine. The ministry said that the vaccines are safe and effective.

The ministry said that the 'National Expert Group for Covid-19 Vaccination' (NEGVAC) has also recommended all lactating women should get vaccinated. There is no need to stop breastfeeding after vaccination.

It may be noted that for some time, reports of impotence and infertility have been shared on social media regarding the Covid-19 vaccination. There were also reports that said that it is not safe for lactating women to get vaccinated. However, the government has clarified that none of the available vaccines has been found to affect fertility in men or women. As per the statement, all vaccines were first tested on animals and then on humans to check for any side effects.

Vaccines were approved for use only after ensuring their effectiveness and safety. "Additionally, in order to counter the rumours that the Covid-19 vaccination may affect fertility, the Government of India has clarified that there is no scientific evidence available to prove that vaccination can cause impotence or infertility in men and women," the ministry said.

Recently, in an interview, Chairman of the Working Group of the 'National Technical Advisory Group on Vaccination', Dr NK Arora clarified such apprehensions. He had said that similar rumours were spread during polio vaccination as well. He informed that all vaccines are made after scientific research and this type of side effect does not happen in anyone.

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