Breaking patriarchy: In Rajasthan, 1 crore ration cards to be given with woman as 'head of family'

In Rajasthan, 1 crore ration cards to be given with woman as 'head of the family'

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The Central Government is all set to break the traditional arrangement of the centuries-old family structure holding men in higher social status or as the head of the house. The oldest woman will now be the head of the house instead of a man. A campaign has been launched to enter the woman's name in the ration card and is likely to start soon. This change is being done by the Central Government under the National Food Security Ordinance. 

About one crore fresh ration cards will be made in Rajasthan with the women as the head of the family. The name of the household in the ration card will be recorded of the oldest woman in the family. Furthermore, if any woman in the family is not of the age of 18, then the male member will be made the head of the household. Once the youngest female member turns 18, she shall be declared as the household head on the ration card. Ration card will be created with the final publication of the number of families obtained from the prepared data of social, economic and caste-based census.

Rajasthan Food and Civil Supplies Secretary Mugdha Sinha has issued directions to all the district logistics Officials stating that the ration card will be prepared at the district level and will be provided to eligible families in the light of National Food Security Act 2013. Section 13 (1) and (2) of the Food Safety Act states that in the presence of a female member below 18 years of age, the head of the household will be the male in the family. While 18 years of a female member after the age of the ration card, the head of the household will become a woman i.e. the household head of the ration card will be made a woman. 

In case of absence of age, employees are directed to visit the house and fill the form after the survey. Citizens are required to give a photocopy of their ID cards, bank statements and fill the form with the required details. The details of the family members of the house will also be recorded. Food Secretary Mugdha Sinha said, " In order to empower women, a scheme for making ration cards in the Food Security Act has been prepared."  

"Father is the head of the house on papers whereas mother runs the whole house. Now women will be commanding as head of the family", said Sinha. The new ration cards are to be made in the entire state on behalf of the Food and Logistics Supply Department. 

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