Ahmedabad tops in buying imported lingerie: eBay

Wristwatches favourite of Old City residents; western A'bad likes buying wallets online Talcum powder, mobile screen protectors, modems, men's fragrances and tablets are top 5 purchases from city. Top five items sold from city are 16GB micro SD cards, colour ink cartridges, diamond jewellery sets, women's casual pants and men's floaters


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Updated: Mar 21, 2013, 09:11 AM IST

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In 2012, Ahmedabad topped among Indian cities in the purchase of imported lingerie through eBay, says the 5th edition of the annual eBay Census Guide released on Wednesday.

The 2012 census of the online marketplace further reveals that the city is the seventh largest ecommerce hub in the country with electronic items leading its purchases. Lifestyle products lead among goods sold from the city, says the eBay census.

The eBay survey has revealed many other interesting trends about online trade by Amdavadis. Giving details of the buying and selling trends, Shivani Suri Dhanda, head, Brand & Acquisition Marketing, eBay India, said that of the goods purchased from the city, lifestyle items led with the largest share in domestic purchases (48%) as well as imports (44%).

“Strangely, femme fatales of Ahmedabad are picky about their chemises for they imported the most lingerie. And Indian men owe their addictive aura to Ahmedabad as the city sold most men’s perfumes,” Dhanda said while releasing the eBay census report in the city on Wednesday.

She further said that the city had sold the maximum cotton fabric through eBay in the country. “At the same time, Ahmedabad had exported the most beaded metallic bracelets to bohemian chikas offshore,” Dhanda added.

The census has also revealed that the city buys mostly men-oriented products. While wristwatches seem to be a favourite with Old City dwellers, western Ahmedabad seems to like buying wallets online.

Incidentally, the eBay census this time is more area specific in what it says about the shopping habits of Ahmedabad residents.

For instance, buyers from Satellite Road purchased the maximum 8GB pen-drives in the city while most optical mouses were bought from the CG Road area. The Sabarmati area of the city stands apart for its love of home fragrances purchased online.

Dhanda also revealed the top five items bought by Amdavadis through eBay.

“The five items purchased the most from the city in the last 18 months are talcum powder, mobile screen protectors, modems, men’s fragrances and tablets. The top five imports by the city are nail art, handbags, skincare travel kits, men’s tees and radio-controlled toy helicopters,” she said.

Amdavadis are also good businessmen, Dhanda said. “The top five sold items from the city are 16GB micro SD cards, colour ink cartridges, diamond jewellery sets, women’s casual pants and men’s floaters. The top five exports from Ahmedabad are natural diamonds, salwar kameez, temporary tattoos, sarees, pantyhose and tights,” said Dhanda. She added that Amdavadis’ most favorite brands are Sandisk, Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Sony.

The findings of the 2012 census are based on an analysis of all online buying and selling transactions by Indians through eBay India between July 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012.

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