After 'upvaas', Narendra Modi comes up with 'garba raas'

A garbo written by the Gujarat chief minister will be sung by Devang Patel this Navratri.

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Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has made several of his opponents dance to his political tunes. But this Navratri, it will be the people of Gujarat who will match steps to his beats. For, the chief minister has turned lyricist for noted singer and musician Devang Patel.

Modi has penned a garbo that has been set to music by Patel. The chief minister, who is already known as a poet, has put to words his special feelings for Gujarat in the lyrics. He has referred to garbo as the pride and asset of Gujarat. A line in it goes as, "Gaay eno garbo, Ne zeele eno garbo, Garbo Gujaratni Garvi Meerant Chhe"

Talking about the garbo and convincing Modi to write for him, Patel said, "I like him as a leader as he is capable of bringing big businesses to the state. He is also capable of projecting Gujarat's Vibrant Navratri in an international platform. But what appeals to me more is that he is also an artist - a poet, a writer and an orator. I believe that artists are always good human beings."

Patel had approached Modi requesting him to pen a song or two for his special album on Gujarat. The CM agreed to his request. "Since long, I was thinking about working with him. We wanted his song and not financial support from the government. So I approached him with a request to write a couple of songs for my album on Gujarat, which will be out in December," said the singer who is popular for his parody songs and garbas.    

Patel said that Modi not only agreed to the request but also corrected the title of his album.

"My album's title was 'Swarg Chhe Gujarat' but Modi indicated that there is a lot more to be done to make the state a heaven and so he suggested the title 'Garv Chhe Gujarat'," said Patel.
The lyrics of Modi's song go - "Prarabdhne anhi ganthhe kon, Hu padkaro zilnaro manas chhun, Tej uchhinu nahi laun, hun jaate balatu fanas chhun." (I don't rely on destiny for I am a man used to taking challenges. I will not borrow the light as I am the self-ignited lamp).

The song has been sung by Parthiv Gohil and Patel is planning to convince Modi to appear in the video of the same. "The album has different flavors of Gujarati music. It has Gujarati ghazal of Mariz sung by Manhar Udhas, a song of Kalapi sung by Pankaj Udhas, and also a disco song sung by me. I told the CM that as you have make people read through 'Vanche Gujarat', I will make them dance through my 'Nache Gujarat' song," said Patel. The singer has also made some parody garba songs related to Anna Hazare and his anti-corruption campaign, which will be sung at garba venues this Navratri.

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