204 bone pieces found in Ratlam hospital

The bone pieces, including parts of foetal skulls, were found in the sewage chamber where remains of newborns and foetuses were dug up last week.

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RATLAM: A total of 204 bone pieces, including parts of foetal skulls, were on Wednesday found in the sewage chamber of a hospital here where remains of newborns and foetuses were dug up last week, even as police conducted fresh searches outside a doctor's home and some wards of the facility.

A safety tank outside the house of a doctor of Ratlam Christian Hospital was being searched for skeletal remains, and digging was also carried out near wards 23 and 24 of the hospital, Inspector S S Tomar said.

After drying sewage dug out from a chamber at the hospital, police this morning found 204 pieces of skeletal remains, including 73 pieces of skulls of foetuses and newborns, Tomar said.

With the fresh finds, a total of 737 pieces of bones and skulls have been found in the hospital's premises since February 17. The remains were sent to the medico-legal institute in Bhopal for tests, he said.

The hospital's medical superintendent Patience Williams and sweeper Jagram were arrested for concealing births by secretly disposing of bodies and later released on bail.

The incident evoked an outcry from different quarters, with Hindu groups demanding action against missionary-run hospitals across the state.

Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kantilal Bhuria and members of the state women's commission visited the hospital amidst allegations that some of its staff were involved in female foeticide and infanticide.

Experts at the medico-legal institute said the foetuses were four to eights month old but their sex was yet to be ascertained.

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