Meet superstar with Rs 1000 crore net worth, still drives 20-year-old second-hand car, donated Rs 180 crore to...

This superstar is worth over Rs 1000 crore but still drives a second-hand car from 2003.

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The star with Rs 1000-crore worth

Film stars are known to be extravagant in their lifestyle choices. They own fancy mansions, drive big cars, and travel in private jets. That is the perception, at least. And the biggest superstars from India and Hollywood reinforce that with their jet-setting lives. But there is one star, who is in contrast to this. Despite being a multimillionaire, he still drives a 20-year-old second-hand car and often rides the public transport.

The actor with Rs 1000-crore net worth who drives second-hand car

Christian Bale was once one of the highest-paid actors in the world. The actor has headlined big franchises like the Dark Knight trilogy and the Terminator films, as well as playing a Marvel villain in Thor Love and Thunder. As per reports, the actor has a net worth of $120 million as of 2023 (a little over Rs 1000 crore). And yet, Christian Bale drives the same car that he has had since 2003. The actor owns a 2003 Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck, a rather unglamorous car for a film star. “It’s practical, and all my friends need it for moving stuff. Once you have a pickup truck, you don’t go back to anything else. I bought it second-hand and I have had it for 13 years,” he once said in an interview. Bale is often photographed driving the car around Los Angeles and even refuelling it at petrol pumps all by himself.

Christian Bale’s charity initiatives

Bale is also a known philanthropist, known particularly for his involvement in his passion project to ensure foster siblings in US stay together. His charity has been involved in building shelter homes for foster children. As per Unilad, he has donated $22 million (Rs 180 crore) for the cause. “It’s something that is incredibly satisfying for me, and I want to be involved every step of the way,” he told the portal.

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