'Loki' star Tom Hiddleston mentions Shah Rukh Khan twice in latest video, find out why

Tom Hiddleston even revealed that his 'akka' used to live in Chennai.

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'Loki' star Tom Hiddleston mentions Shah Rukh Khan twice in latest video, find out why


In a few hours, the much-awaited 'Loki' will be dropping on your screens. With this show, Tom Hiddleston will be returning as the God of Mischief. Ahead of that, Disney+ Hotstar Premium dropped a video featuring the British actor in which he plays word association. Interestingly, the video is dedicated to his Indian fans as Tom answers a few questions in which he mentions Shah Rukh Khan twice and addresses his sister as 'Akka'.

Yes, when asked to associate a word with India, Hiddleston replied, "Shah Rukh Khan". Soon after that, he was asked about Bollywood, to which Tom said, "Am I allowed to say Shah Rukh Khan? Shah Rukh Khan again."

On being quizzed about Indian city, the 'Loki' star stated, "Chennai. My Akka (elder sister) lives there, she used to live there. I have been there a few times. Chennai is great!"

Set after events depicted in the 2019 film "Avengers: Endgame," the six-episode series catches up with Loki just after the Battle of New York when he escapes from Avengers custody and steals a time stone known as the Tesseract.

A group is known as the Time Variance Authority (TVA), which keeps events from various universes in proper sequence, places Loki under arrest for abusing time travel and he is stripped of his magical shape-shifting powers.

"You take Loki, who seems to always be in control, and you put him in an environment where he has no control at all, no power, no potency," Hiddleston said. "He's stripped of all familiarity."

In a clip released on Sunday, a shot of Loki's TVA file listed his sex as "fluid," delighting fans who have called for more LGBTQ characters in Marvel movies.

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