What is Listeria virus, found in 6 Cadbury Chocolate products? Here's how it can harm you

Six Cadbury chocolate desserts have been recalled in the United Kingdom over fears of contamination with the Listeria virus, deeming them unfit for consumption, especially by pregnant women.

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What is Listeria virus, found in 6 Cadbury Chocolate products? Here's how it can harm you


Cadbury shelves are now running empty as stores have sent back thousands of products of Cadbury Chocolates over fears of contamination with Listeria, a bacteria which is foodborne and is deemed unfit for consumption by pregnant women and those over the age of 65.

As many as six Cadbury Chocolates desserts have been pulled from stores across the United Kingdom, and people who have already bought the alleged listeria-contaminated desserts have been warned not to eat them and instead, return them for a refund.

Fears regarding the consumption of Cadbury chocolates products, the UK’s Food Standard Association (FSA) issued an alert regarding multiple Cadbury products which are - Crunchie, Daim, Flake, Dairy Milk Buttons, and Dairy Milk Chunks 75g chocolate desserts.

What is Listeria virus, reportedly found in Cadbury chocolates?

Six Cadbury desserts have been recalled from the stores due to the fears of listeria virus, which can attack the immune system and cause a disease called listeriosis. Listeria can cause flu-like symptoms, which is why it is unsafe for consumption by pregnant women and people over the age of 65.

The most common symptoms of being infected by listeria virus are high fever, muscle pain, body aches, diarrhea, chills, and nausea. In some severe cases of listeria and listeriosis, the person can also be hit with meningitis, which causes inflammation in the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

As listeriosis can cause severe sickness in those with weaker or vulnerable immune systems, it is advised that they don’t consume these desserts which are manufactured by Cadbury chocolate.

Further, UK’s FSA said in an official statement, “Muller has taken the precautionary step of recalling some batches of various Cadbury branded dessert products because of the possible presence of Listeria monocytogenes.”

It has been recommended that all the products – especially Cadbury Flakes and Crunchie desserts – are consumed keeping in mind the use-by date of the perishables.

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