Diabetes: Lifestyle changes that can prevent, control blood sugar levels

These lifestyle changes can be beneficial to control your diabetes.

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Diabetes has become a common disease in modern times. While doctors suggest that there can be various factors triggering the condition, it has been found that lifestyle is a major factor behind imbalanced blood sugar levels in people. 

Diabetic patients are suggested to cut back on sugar and processed foods to keep their blood sugar levels in control. While maintaining a proper diet is necessary there are various lifestyle choices that can be altered to prevent, and control the situation. 

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Here are some tips to control your diabetes by altering lifestyle choices.

Proper sleep

If a person does not get enough sleep then that could become a factor behind increasing blood sugar levels. Partial sleep deprivation even one night rises insulin resistance resulting in increased blood sugar levels. Hence, proper sleep is most important to keep diabetes at bay. 

Stress management

Stress is a byproduct of today's busy routine. You must know that stress may cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Additionally, it may be harder to closely follow your usual diabetes management routine if you’re under a lot of extra pressure.

Soluble fibres

Consuming soluble fibre can slow the absorption of sugar which helps to improve blood sugar levels in your body. Some examples of fibre-rich food are-- Dal, oats, apples and more. 

Vegetable Servings

People who are detected with diabetes should eat a minimum of four to five servings of vegetables a day. Vegetables are healthy, chock full of vitamins and minerals, and some give you much-needed fibre.

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