DNA Explainer: How India’s petrol prices compare with the rest of the world?

While the average retail price for petrol in India is around Rs 99 per litre, there are wider fluctuations in other countries around the world.

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DNA Explainer: How India’s petrol prices compare with the rest of the world?
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Fuel prices have gone through the roof in June. Thirteen hikes in one month have seen fuel prices in India break the 100-rupee barrier in 9 states and union territories.

The price of petrol has crossed the three-figure psychological barrier in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. Two more, Bihar and Kerala are in touching distance and look set to join the club with the next hike.

As per, a website that tracks the “retail prices of motor fuel, electricity, and natural gas in over 150 countries”, the average price of petrol globally stood at Rs 86.85 per litre as of June 21.

While the average retail price for petrol in India, at Rs. 99.29 per litre as the same date, was markedly above the average, there are wider fluctuations in petrol prices in different countries around the world.

How India’s skyrocketing fuel prices compare to the rest of the world

The metropolitan providing the cheapest petrol would be Tehran with a per litre price of less than five rupees in Iran (Rs 4.82). In Saudi Arabia, the other major oil producer in the gulf, a litre of petrol would cost around Rs 46. In Dubai, it would cost you around the same price.

In one of Africa’s fastest booming economies Nigeria, petrol is cheap from the Indian perspective, costing around Rs 30. On the other hand, a litre in South Africa would cost around Rs 87.

Living in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, petrol would cost around Rs 36. In Russia (Rs 50) the price of petrol is in the same range as what you pay in Pakistan at around Rs 52 or Indonesia at Rs 54.

In the American metropolitan city of New York, a litre of gasoline costs around Rs. 60. In the metropolitan cities of China, the price of a litre of petrol is around Rs 85.

In Australia (Rs 77.83) and Mexico (Rs 79.46), petrol price per litre is less than China. A litre in Thailand or Brazil would cost around Rs 84. In Canada, filling your car up with gasoline will cost you around Rs. 91 per litre.

Developed countries like Japan, South Korea, Germany, England and France all have costlier petrol than India.

While Japan and South Korea are only slightly above India at around Rs 102 and Rs 104 respectively, the European nations all retail petrol at over Rs 130 per litre. One of the costliest places to purchase petrol is Israel at over Rs 143 per litre.

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