Salman roots for Imran

The superstar is openly proclaiming his adoration for dear friend Aamir Khan’s nephew

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It is a known fact that Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are best of friends. One can never forget how Aamir went out of his way to save the fiery situation from going out of control between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman at Katrina Kaif’s birthday. He was in fact also playing peacemaker that night between the two warring Khans.

Salman always considers Aamir as his family and thus Aamir’s family members automatically translate into his near and dear ones. And now that his friend’s nephew’s new film is up for release, Salman is not stopping himself from promoting Imran’s movie on social networking sites where he has lakhs of followers.

He is also openly declaring that he will go to see Imran’s film as soon as it releases. The film is actually a Karan Johar production which whom he is said to be estranged post the infamous fight with SRK.

“imraaaan sho na dude . Seeing promos n loving it , all the best dude , think this is a big 1 , happy fr u .sho na,” he tweeted. Salman, who is busy shooting for Dabangg has also got the chance to catch up with family. “Sohail saw Karate Kid vit his kid nirvaan n they both hv loved it , challo nw me gonna start shooting,” he ends.

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