Salman Khan didn't recommend me for 'Bigg Boss', says Mahek Chahal

Mahek says people resent her bonding with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and clarifies that he was not instrumental in getting her into the reality show.

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Model-actress Mahek Chahal, who was voted out from Bigg Boss, says people resent her bonding with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and clarifies that he was not instrumental in getting her into the reality show.

"It’s very unfair. Please judge me for who I am. If Khan Sahib is a star and he happens to be my friend, then what is wrong in that? Is it my fault if he’s my friend?

"There was not a single contestant within 'Bigg Boss' who didn’t try to make friends with Khan sahib. Why negate my achievements? Saying that I’m friends with Khan sahib and so I’d win the show is so unfair,” said Mahek who debuted with Nayee Padosan and later fearured in Salman Khan starrer Wanted.

She denies the charge that she got into Bigg Boss because of her Salman connection.

"Even if he did recommend me, there would've been no harm in it. But the truth is, he did not. I was asked to be in Bigg Boss last year. But I had to be in Norway because my father was dying. On top of that I had an accident. I told Bigg Boss to approach me the following year. This year I was the first contestant to be approached," she said.

"If I had Khan sahib's support on the show, I'd not be out of the Bigg Boss house now. I'd be the winner on the show. I'd have behaved like this sweet little thing on Bigg Boss, trying to please everyone by sucking up and cooking in the kitchen all the time. But no, I chose to be myself at the risk of being evicted," she added.

Yes, Mahak calls Salman, ‘Khan sahib.’

“I was 18 when I met him. He is so much senior to me. I respect him. He treats me like a child. I’m scared of Khan Sahib,” said the actress who was evicted from the Bigg Boss 5 house Saturday.

Mahak finds it annoying to have her thunder stolen by someone else.

She said: “Only I know what a struggle I’ve gone through each day on Bigg Boss. Now when I’m out, I hear someone was trying to ruin my image while I was inside. But I know the audience that has watched Bigg Boss knows what it is about...I chose to be myself.”

Talking about Pooja Bedi's charge of being Salman’s girl in Bigg Boss, she said: “Who is Pooja Bedi? Wohi jo ek baar nominate hone ke baadBigg Boss se nikal gayi thi? Is it my fault if people didn’t like her and like Mahek instead? Kuch to log kahenge, Logon ka kaam hai kehna. People will talk. But what I am is not reflected in their jealous bitching.

"Pooja Bedi had gone to the extent of chiding me for the way I spoke and conducted myself in the Bigg Boss house. She probably resented the fact that I spoke the truth on her face and on the face of everyone in the house. This is the way to punish someone who’s honest. Does she really think herself intelligent? She has proved the contrary.”

She has no regrets about being voted out of Bigg Boss.

“I am very happy to get my freedom back. Very happy to meet friends and family again. I was saved six time inside the house, so to me that’s big enough. And I know, I came across well on the show. That’s what matters to me. Ab sabko pataa chal gaya hai main kaisi hoon,” said Mahek.


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