Flashback: Vinod Khanna talks about cooking, his favourite cuisine and his most loved eating places!

Excerpts from an old interview that Khanna had done with Heena Agarwal and Anita Raheja...

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Vinod Khanna passed away on Thursday morning after fighting a year long battle with bladder cancer. Food writer Heena Agarwal reminisced the moments she had shared with the veteran star and uploaded a post on Facebook. It has excerpts from an interview the actor had given to her and Anita Raheja for their Sunday column on Mid-Day.

She wrote on her Facebook post. "Reliving nostalgia with Vinod Khanna .. my and Anita Raheja's popular column for Sunday Midday. It was a pleasure meeting Vinod Khanna @Rajkapoor 's book release. A gentleman to the core . Remember him as a gentle giant, the most handsome film star .."

In the interview, the late actor had said, "I generally am an early riser but it all depends on what time I sleep. I prefer to drink two glasses of water and then a nice hot cup of tea. My favourite tea is a mixture of Darjeeling tea. My breakfast consists of a glass of fresh orange juice and a slice of toast"

The actor continued talking about how he would take a dabba with him on shoots, "Shooting toh aj kal mein karta nahin hoon, but these days I am shooting for Pehchan so I leave the house accordingly. Generally, I am shooting 9 to 9.  I used to carry a huge dabba on my shoots, but these days, I tend to eat everything on the sets. Earlier my dabba was much awaited by my co-stars; food was authentic Punjabi food."

The actor also listed some of his health tips that he inculcated in his eating and drinking habits. "I keep sipping water all throughout the day. I don’t drink any soft drinks...I tend to eat more of vegetarian meals. I am both rice and a roti eater, I love both equally. I need my cup of tea at about 4 PM. I don’t eat any snacks with my tea. Earlier, when I would shoot through out the day, nashta would be served in the evening, I would indulge sometimes by eating typical unit nashta like samosas, sandwiches etc."

The actor then relived the kind of food he would eat when he was a college student and the places he would visit. "During my college days, at Sydenham, there were some lovely restaurants where I chilled out. Restaurants from Churchgate to Colaba - my favourites were Napoli, Volga’s, Bombellis, Venice and Bistro. I was a regular at their jam sessions in the afternoons where I enjoyed sipping chilled coffee and of course dancing," he recalled in the same interview. 

The actor also talked about his favourite food memories from the sets of some of his most popular movies. "I got my break with Sunil Dutt in Man Ka Meet. Most of the movie was shot in Madras; I enjoyed eating the tiffin. During the making of Amar Akbar Anthony we had great time doing the movie. Food was again unit food, but again all my co-stars shared my dabba from home."

Read Vinod Khanna's entire interview with Heena Agarwal and Anita Raheja here!:

The actor is no more but this interview only gives an insight into the kind of a gentleman he was. Today, Bollywood has lost a star and that void can never be filled. You will be missed, Vinod saab. RIP. 

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