KK's first album 'Pal' is his favourite, still

Singer, musician KK talks about managing life, travel, gigs, and studio recordings.

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It was over a decade that Bollywood’s much loved playback singer, KK got everyone mesmerised with his first solo album ‘Pal’, which of course became a huge hit. And though he has traversed a long and glorious musical stretch since then, he still considers the touching track Pal (from his first album) as his best song so far.

Pal, I think, was one of my best songs, even my wife feels so,” says KK as he drifts into a small flashback, and continues, “Now when I look back at it, I feel — and this is something that my friends tell me too — I was so raw that time. I was too new and naive. And I guess it worked.” He further adds, “But honestly, I feel that over the years, I have learnt a lot. I have grown as a human being. I have drawn inspirations and imbibed from the people and music maestros around. But it’s a natural process. You always tend to look back and wonder how you’d have reacted differently if the same situation were to happen at the moment.”

For the last couple of months, KK had been busy touring, and doing concerts in Sydney and Dubai. And the singer breathed a sigh of relief to be back in Mumbai. “It feels so good to be back. We’d been out of the country for so long. Travel tours were all that were happening to me all this while. And now it’s time to breathe,” he smiles.

The singer tries hard to dabble with both tour concerts and studio recordings. He reveals, “I’m doing a song for Mukeshji, for the film Jism 2. It has been composed by Pritam.” But he admits to the fact that he has had to put a lot of films on hold due to his traveling schedules. “Sometimes it becomes really hard to manage both studio recordings and live performances at the same time. Though I try to balance both, sometimes you just have to let go off film projects,” he says.

Though KK insists that he personally enjoys all his songs, he reveals that there was something unique about Tadap Tadap Ke (from the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam). “It was just so strong, hard-hitting and romantic at the same time. There was something enigmatic about Tadap Tadap… It was not my usual style,” KK signs off.

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