KGF Chapter 2 actor Yash ran away from home with just Rs 300 to become 'superstar'

In order to fulfill his dream, Yash ran away from home with just Rs 300 in his pocket.

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KGF Chapter 2 superstar Yash is experiencing love for his movie which is directed by Prashant Neel, these days. KGF has broken many box office records with its earnings, netizens are praising Yash for his performance in the film.

But what if we tell you that Yash’s real is Naveen Kumar Gowda and he had no connection in the entertainment industry? Well! You heard it heard. Yash belonged to a lower-middle-class family, his father was a bus conductor and his mother a housewife. The actor always wanted to be a superstar, therefore, he faced odds and worked hard to become what he is today.

In order to fulfill his dream, Yash ran away from home with just Rs 300 in his pocket. In an interview with India Today, the actor mentioned that he is from Mysore, and was born in Hassan where he grew up. Most of his childhood was spent in Mysore. He was from a middle-class family, his father was a BMTC bus driver, mother was a housewife. However, he always wanted to become an actor. He stated, “I used to like the extra attention you get as an actor, seeti bajana and all. I used to participate in a lot of fancy dress competitions, and I used to dance. That gave me a lot of happiness. That's how it started. And got me here.”

The actor always believed that he will become an actor one day, as he had no other career plans. He said, “I always wanted to be an actor, and to be precise, a star. It's not even about acting. I never realised how difficult it is. At a very young age, my teachers started calling me 'kya hero'! Jab baat karte the, tab bhi hero-hero bulate the. Because I'd done some small acting roles, they used to tease me by saying 'kidhar hai film, aya nahi'.


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Whenever anyone asked him about his career, he always said he will be a superstar. While others used to say that they will become astronauts and all, but he used to say 'hero'. And because of this reason, everyone used to laugh at him. “But, I believed that one day, main hero ban jaunga. I didn't know how difficult it was or how much dedication went into it. I had no clue. I just wanted to be an actor,” he said.

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Yash’s parents asked him to complete his studies as they believed that cinema is not a good thing. They asked him why is he doing this, but in 10th standard, he got himself into acting. But his family wanted him to study, therefore he completed pre-university in two years. He stated, “I started realising that I was interested in studies but I wanted to quickly become an actor at the right age. And, this is the age. I also knew that I would need a couple of years to understand the craft. My parents were really worried and they said, 'this guy is not listening to us'. But I was sure. But yeah, we also couldn't afford an acting course at that time. So, I thought I would get into a theatre and joined a group called Benaka. I left my home. And my parents told me, ‘Okay go. But if you come back, never ever think of anything else.’ I said okay. Give me a chance to do something.’ They thought I would come back soon, but that never happened.”

When he entered city he met people who helped him. He later joined theatre group and started working backstage and this is how he started his career.





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