Kannada actress Harshika Poonacha attacked by mob in Bengaluru, shares shocking video: 'Are we living in Pakistan?'

Actress Harshika Poonacha and her family were attacked by mob in Bengaluru for speaking in Kannada. Actress shared shocking video with a thread of long post on X.

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Harshika Poonacha

Kannada actress Harshika Poonacha and her family were attacked by a mob in Bengaluru's Frazer Town for speaking in Kannada. The actress shared a video of the incident on her social media and left her fans worried. Harshika shared the details about the incident on her X (formerly Twitter) with a thread of long notes, 3 photos and a video of the incident. 

The Kannada actress wrote that a few days ago she went out for a casual dinner at a restaurant on Mosque Road in Frazer town's Pulikeshi Nagar with her family. Suddenly, two men appeared near their car's driver seat window and started arguing that the vehicle was very big and that it could touch them if it moved suddenly. Harshika wrote, "My husband ignored it by saying "innu move maadilwalla side bidi" (we haven't moved at all right, please move aside now). He moved the vehicle ahead a little, and by then these two men started abusing him and my family in their language saying these Kannada people should be taught a lesson, and even tried to hit him on the face."

Soon she noticed that around 20-30 people gathered around her car and also tried to snatch Bhuvann Ponnannaa's gold chain. The actress said that her husband realised on time, held on to it, and gave it to her. Describing the incident, the actress wrote, "These guys had a problem that we were talking about in Kannada. They were like you're coming to our area and stop talking in languages you want. “Yeh local Kannada wala hey" (these guys are local Kannada people). It agitated them more when my hubby and I spoke only in Kannada. They said keep your "Kannada style" to yourself. Most of them spoke either Hindi, Urdu, and a few in broken Kannada." As soon as the family called the police, the crowd disappeared. 

Harshika and her family were petrified after the incident, and she asked some questions in her tweet, "Are we living in PAKISTAN or AFGHANISTAN?? Is it wrong to use my language Kannada and get abused for it in my own city? How really safe are we in our own city?" The actress has requested Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah and the Karnataka State Police Department to look into the matter and take appropriate action.

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