I have no issues in exposing: Angad Hasija

Known for showing off his chiseled body quite frequently in one of his shows, here he talks about his career and his ‘revealing’ ways on TV.

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Actor Angad Hasija first came to limelight for his role as a mentally disturbed husband in Bidaai and has since gone on to become a popular name in the TV industry. Currently playing the main lead in Zee’s popular show Ram Milaye Jodi alongside his Bidaai co-star Sara Khan, he has come a long way. Equally known for showing off his chiseled body quite frequently in one of his shows, here he talks about his career and his ‘revealing’ ways on TV

Q: Is there anything you consider special about your journey here so far?
I made my debut in Bidaai, where I played a schizophrenic husband and then I played a rustic character in Phulwa, with long hair and shirtless most of the time, and now I am playing Aditya, a business tycoon in Ram Milaye Jodi, who will sooner or later get involved with Sara Khan’s character, Mona. I think playing such contrasting characters in such a short span is what makes it special for me.

Q: How is it working with Sara again?
It was fantastic back then and it's fantastic now to work with Sara. We share a great bond off-screen and it definitely makes us very comfortable on-screen too. I can talk to her about anything under the sun. Also our fans love to see us together.

Q: You have no qualms in showing off your toned body on screen…
I am a gym-freak and have worked very hard in developing a good body. So, I have no issues in exposing, but as long as it is for the right reasons. Not many actors on television can dare to bare or flaunt their body unlike film stars. So, it’s nice to get compliments wherever I go about being one of the few TV actors having a good body.

Q: Why are you not doing any reality show?
I am definitely open to doing reality shows, but then one needs time for it. I have been fortunate enough to get one show after another and playing the main lead in a daily soap leaves no time for anything else. But I would love to do a dance reality show for sure, as I am very fond of dancing.

Q: You hid your marriage till you became successful. Why?
I got married at a very young age of 22. All my friends were older than me and I thought that if I told them about it, they would make fun of me. So, I thought that I would try and be successful and then let the world know about it. Moreover, if I had announced it in the beginning of my career, then people wouldn’t have shown any interest in me. In this industry, people don’t take you seriously till you don't prove your worth as an actor. Also, I didn't want to shift people's focus on my personal life at that point of time. Even actor Aamir Khan had hid his marriage at the time of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, so if I did the same at the beginning of my TV career what’s wrong in it?

Q: Do you think that the marital status of an actor affects the fan following?
It doesn’t once you are successful. Actors Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn... all are married and their fan following is intact. When people know you are a good performer and connect with you they feel happy about knowing that you are a happily married man with a family. I definitely recommend marriage, it brings stability in life. I love my wife, Pari and my daughter Angel and can’t think of my life without them.

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