I fear that Sanju will strangle the kid in him, says Sanjay Gupta

Director friend Sanjay Gupta talks about his ‘muse’ and friend Sanjay Dutt and says 'Sanju' doesn’t know how to calculate and manipulate.

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Director friend Sanjay Gupta talks about his ‘muse’ and friend Sanjay Dutt

There is a common aspect between Sanju and me, because of which we are also controversy’s favourite children. Thing is, both of us have a similar alter ego, which is the kid in us, alive and rocking… indulging first without thinking of the consequences because he doesn’t know how to calculate and manipulate.

 The one thing that disgusts both of us is any form of hypocrisy and dishonesty. A lot of times, it is misunderstood and gets us into trouble. That is why we are together and why the people who love us, love us and maybe it is also reason we are hated by a few.

It’s funny if people are affected because I bond with Sanju. People see that bond today when the two of us are riding high but we have been through the worst lows! Did you know that Sanjay Dutt and I have sat at home for a year and half after he came out of the jail.

Not a single f*****g producer knocked at his door. Every day he would be in court. In the evenings, he would work out and after that we would get together and just chat. We were down professionally but never emotionally. It just so happened that we both bounced back together. Today people look at us as dudes! But we were f****d up sometime back and tomorrow we might be f****d up again.

I fear that Sanju will strangle that kid in him because sometimes he is forced to analyse that quality strongly. He is always being nice to people but ends up being taken advantage of.

You will be surprised, for the bad boy image we both carry we have a strong love for animation. Sanju loves watching cartoons. During the making  of ‘Zinda’  we would shoot the whole day in Bangkok and in the night,  watch ‘Ice Age’ and ‘Lion King’. We were in the city of parties but we never went out!

As told to Faheem Ruhani

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