George Clooney is always on his toes around Amal

Amal is unfazed by the celebrity stature of George Clooney.

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George and Amal Clooney


If you thought that Amal Clooney adjusts her schedule to keep up with husband and Hollywood alpha George Clooney, you couldn't be more wronge.

According to Grazia magazine, a source close to the couple revealed that their marriage is of equals and that the only way this works is if George fits his schedule according to her plans.

Amal is one of the most sought after human rights lawyer in the world. She just cannot ask an international court to adjourn a case to work around George's schedule. Mr. Clooney understands that and this scheduling keeps him on his toes, said the source.

Revealing further, the source said that this is not a traditional relationship. George had to chase Amal. He also did his homework before asking her out for dinner. Amal is unfazed by the celebrity stature of George Clooney and that is one of the strengths of their marriage.

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