BTS' Jungkook sleeps while 6 million people watch him during live session, ARMY calls it 'once in lifetime opportunity'

BTS' Jungkook took to Weverse and went live in order to interact with his fans. However, he fell asleep when 6 million people were watching him.

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BTS members Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Suga, V, and RM, are the 7 most popular singers worldwide. They have been winning our hearts with their performances ever since they debuted, their fans call themselves BTS ARMY.

On Sunday, BTS' Jungkook took to Weverse and went live in order to interact with his fans. However, he fell asleep when 6 million people were watching him. He was wearing a half-sleeved t-shirt, covered in white sheets. The singer said, "If I fall asleep like this, the company will go crazy.” The live went on for like 21 minutes and 6 million people watched him sleeping.

BTS ARMY took to Twitter and shared videos of him sleeping. One wrote, "21 minutes of Jungkook sleeping on his live."  The second one said, "Once in a lifetime experience, seeing Jungkook in bed, sleeping and talking with us omg." The third person wrote, "so.. you are telling me that Jungkook before falling asleep, told us that we can’t get hurt, for us to never get hurt..?! Even before sleeping :(( what can we do to protect an angel like him, seriously?."

The fourth person wrote, "DROP A “JK” IF YOU WERE PART OF JUNGKOOK’s SLEEPING LIVE TOO!!" The fifth person tweeted, "Jeon jungkook sleeping together with army's at 4 in the morning... Idk which type of relationship are we in coz it's definitely not healthy for my delulu mind." The sixth one said, "But when Jungkook said that we can't get hurt and he thought of that while sleeping and repeated that we can not get hurt.. i just cried here. He cares so much about us, I wish that he can always stay protected and safe. My favorite person in this world." 

The seventh person wrote, "from sleeping to folding underwear, we’ve seen it all we practically live with jungkook." The eighth person mentioned, "Hybe after seeing Jungkook sleeping on his live again knowing they have to end it again themselves." The ninth one said, "o Jungkook fell asleep in front of our eyes and +6.5M people for 21 sweet minutes looking at him sleeping so comfortable is so relaxing and comforting.. plus!! the fact he knew we were besides him watching.. i love him so much."

Recently, Jungkook made headlines for his dating rumours with K-pop star Taeyeon. A tweet went viral in which a message from Jungkook was written, “I uploaded the challenge MINGYU, it was fun. And please show a lot of love for Taeyeon…. I love you. It’s been so long since I heard it…wow when did you record that. Hah!.”
As soon as this translated message went viral, BTS ARMY started reacting to it. However, the original message was not for Taeyeon but actually. It was, “I see you’ve uploaded the challenge kekeke mingyu hoobae-nim (junior) it was fun :) and please give you lots of love to ‘take two’…..I love you… I m hearing it for the first in a such a long time…wow when was that recorded heh. Heh.”


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