Once one of India's top actors was caught asking for sexual favours, got boycotted by film industry; then Salman Khan...

The life of Aman Verma, who was one of the top stars in early 2000s, turned upside down when he a tape in which he was allegedly asking for sexual favours form an aspiring actress went viral.

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Once one of India's top actors was caught asking for sexual favours, got boycotted by film industry; then Salman Khan...
Aman Verma


Aman Verma, who appeared in TV shows like Khulja Sim Sim and Mahabharat Katha, was at the top of his career when he was caught in a string operation that changed everything for him.

His life turned upside down when a secret investigation by India TV happened. During the sting operation, Aman was recorded talking to a girl he didn't know and agreeing to spend the night with her. Later on a TV show called Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, he said the channel had edited parts of the conversation on purpose.

(Image credit: Aman Verm/Instagram)

However, Verma became the focus of a casting couch sting operation broadcasted on India TV in March 2003. In 2005, a video clip went viral allegedly showing him seeking sexual favors from an aspiring actress in return for a film role. This scandal created a stir in the industry, tarnishing Verma's image as a reputable actor. Despite his denials and efforts, the casting couch controversy resulted in him being boycotted by the industry.

In a 2023 interview with Bollywood Thikana, Aman mentioned that nobody from the TV industry supported him during that tough time. However, he said Salman Khan, Govinda, and Sanjay Dutt were there for him. Aman also shared that Salman promised to be there at a press conference whenever he decided to hold one.

During a 2005 press conference held at Mehboob Studio, Salman Khan, Govinda, Sanjay Dutt, Arbaaz Khan, director Ravi Chopra came to support Aman Verma.  Salman said that Aman, being a 32-year-old bachelor, was unfairly targeted, labeling it a conspiracy to defame him.

Aman Verma, who also hosted Indian Idol's first season with Mini Mathur and Zee Cinestars on Zee TV, acted in Bollywood films and appeared in TV shows like Hum Ne Li Hai- Shapath as ACP Diler Kumar. Verma was also a contestant on the ninth season of Bigg Boss.

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