Shaheen Bhatt never planned on talking about her mental health until this day...

Recently, Shaheen Bhatt attended a workshop about creating awareness of mental health, and she revealed what inspired her to open up about her mental health issues.

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Alia Bhatt's sister Shaheen Bhatt has been quite vocal about dealing with depression and mental health issues, but where does it all start? As per a HerZindagi media report, writer, poet, and screenwriter Shaheen was diagnosed with depression at the age of 18, and she has been dealing with it since she was 12 years old.

Recently, Shaheen Bhatt attended an MTV Questions Marks workshop on mental health. While spreading awareness about the issue and how parents can be an important support system, Shaheen revealed when she decided to open up about discussing her mental health issues. 

When Shaheen Bhatt decided to be open about her mental health issues

In the workshop, Shaheen said, "I never planned on talking about my mental health issues but on this one fine day, I was lying on the bed trying to look for a picture to post on social media. I realized that I have been searching for only happy pictures completely opposite to what I was actually feeling to share with the world, which made me comprehend that I want to talk about how I am actually feeling. The reason I felt this way is because no one ever chooses to talk about it and your reflex to ‘How you are feeling?’ is always ‘Oh, I am good.’ We are constantly wearing this mask and pretending to be someone else.”

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In 2018, on World Mental Health Day, Shaheen launched her book titled 'I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier', which was her account of life with Depression. In 2019, Alia shared a post about Shaheen with a heartfelt note. The actor wrote, "I am so so proud of you @shaheenb And of @herecomesthesunofficial You have taken something so personal and made it a symbol of strength and empathy. No one needs to be alone as they struggle with mental health, battling their own fears and anxiety. Sometimes all you need to know is that you're not alone!!! I'm here 100%.. to start the conversation, to raise awareness and to join you on this journey, EVERY step of the way @herecomesthesunofficial #WorldMentalHealthDay." 

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