After Kenny G, is it Enigma?

Having worked with international artistes like Richard Clayderman and Kenny G, santoor player Rahul Sharma wants to collaborate with Enigma.

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Santoor player Rahul Sharma and renowned saxophonist Kenny G are making news for their latest album
Namaste India. However, the most intriguing part about the album is that it incorporates the old classic Yeh kahan aa gaye hum from the Bollywood film

Silsila with Big B’s overriding voice. And if you wonder what the connect is, Sharma is quick to explain, “My dad gave the music for the song…and it’s one of my all time favourites. Besides, the way in which Bachchanji has narrated the lines is just fantastic!” Sharma believes that Indian music was at its melodious best in the 80s and 90s. “I am a big fan of the ’80s and ’90s music.”

Namaste India is the first track of the album but that is not all that the nomenclature is derived from.

“I wanted to present the album in an essentially desi way. You’ll notice that it sounds different from Kenny’s signature style,” explains Rahul.

The association happened when Kenny was in India for a concert two years back. Sharma, who was an avid fan of Kenny’s music, presented him few CDs of his own music.

Says Kenny, “He is such a talented guy…he came to talk to me post my concert saying that he wanted to discuss music and gave me a sample of his work. I listened to it and found the tunes so melodious.” The saxophonist was introduced to Indian music by Sharma alone. And Yeh kahan… was the first Hindi song he ever heard.

“Rahul has been educating me on indian music…the instruments sound so good. I’d love to do more such work…hopefully Rahul and I will perform live in India sometime soon.”

Sharma asserts that he was always inspired by Kenny.

“I had listened to a lot of his music and found it greatly inspiring. It was Kenny who gave me the idea that an
instrumentalist too could have a video for his compositions.”

Comments Amitabh Bachchan, “I have heard several compositions of Rahul — they are all novel and good. His attempts at fusion with ‘international greats’, is a welcome flavour to the kind of music that he writes. He’s an illustrious son to a legendary father, Shivji!”

Sharma, who has also collaborated with Richard Clayderman earlier, has built a reputation for working with big names. So what’s next on the maverick’s mind? “Umm…I like Enigma’s style, it’s deep and mysterious. It has a lot of Indian elements and will make a good collaboration.”

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