Aamir Khan, Aditya Chopra bonding over 'marketing techniques'

Aamir has recently earned a name for himself for being a ‘marketing guru’ when it comes to film marketing.

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Actor Aamir Khan and director Aditya Chopra seem to be bonding a lot these days over ‘marketing techniques’. Aamir has recently earned a name for himself for being a ‘marketing guru’ when it comes to film marketing and Aditya reportedly wants to learn a thing or two from him.

“The two recently had a long chat in his office where Aditya showed him the digital poster that he has created of the next Salman Khan movie that he is producing. Aamir said that he also wants a great digital poster to be made for his forthcoming Reema Kagti film with Kareena and Rani,” says a source.

Aamir and Aditya were probably discussing one more project and were thrashing out a few ideas from the forthcoming series from the Dhoom franchise where Aamir plays the negative lead. “Aamir loves to brainstorm when it comes to marketing ideas and they were discussing how to effectively market the film. Aamir had a few ideas and he was sharing them with Aditya,” adds the source.

Sources say that Aamir might join Yashraj as a marketing consultant for Dhoom before they start the marketing campaign for the film. Aamir might also work very closely with the communications team of Aditya’s company too.

“Adi and Aamir had been friends for a long time but this is for the first time that Aamir and Aditya are bonding over work. Before this they just exchanged pleasantries in parties and private ceremonies. Needless to say that nobody will talk about this till they decide whether Aamir would be working in an official capacity or not,” the source adds. Adi, it is learnt wants to develop some innovative marketing strategies for the marketing of Dhoom and allocating a fairly large budget on it. “

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