NEET 2021 exams to be held on 12 Sep, registration started! Here's section-wise key study plan

NEET examinations are one of the toughest competitive entrance examinations in the country.


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Every great feat that has been accomplished has been done so by having a sound strategy – a plan. Without a proper plan, it can prove to be quite challenging to accomplish something that most people deem difficult.

NEET examinations are one of the toughest competitive entrance examinations in the country. The world that opens up to you if you pass with flying marks is a basically a wonderful life but the preparation process that you have to go through before the examination is a hellish couple of months. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case if your studying strategy is premeditated to suit your style of studying. Spacing your schedule out and studying consistently is one of the most productive and result-yielding methods when it comes to examinations as laborious and burdening as NEET.

There are certain ways through which you can dial down the crazy and switch on the efficiency. Obviously, different techniques and strategies appeal to different people but the tips that we have listed below will help everyone pick up the pace and work smarter and perform just that much better overall.

Tips to score better – Beat your competitive examination with flair and prowess

The nerve-racking pressure of performing well in NEET is undeniable in its existence. That being said, you need to learn how to bypass that and focus fully on covering the syllabus thoroughly and doing an in-depth study of complex topics. Here are a few tips that can help you change things up a little in your favour and help you score better in your NEET examinations:

  1. Knowing the syllabus – There is no alternative to this – you absolutely have to know your syllabus by heart. You need to know which topics belong to which chapter and where most of the conceptual questions are form because once you know these things, your studying can be more targeted and exam-oriented than generic. The time that students generally have to prepare for an examination like NEET with a huge syllabus, is barely enough. That is why, smart studying is what you need to do and to do so, you need to know the syllabus like the back of your hand. Knowing the syllabus gives you the edge over the others because you can plan out the studying process and leave out topics that are rather unimportant and dedicate the time saved towards something more pressing.


  1. Test Yourself Through Self-Assessment – Constantly confront yourself with critical questions and self-evaluation papers to see how much progress you have made and if you need to revisit certain topics for a better understanding and learning. Now this can be a time-consuming process but if you studying using Oswaal NEET Mock Test 15 Sample Question Paper Book, you stand a better chance at saving time for revision and additional studying as well. There is no better technique than self-assessment and there is no tool better suited for it than Oswaal Books’ Mock Test Paper book.



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  1. Solve every question – That might sound like a bit of a stretch and something that is more of a long-drawn process but answering every question typology is actually not. Get a hold of a really great question bank and start solving regularly. Oswaal NEET Question Banks 2021 Chapter-wise Topic-wise | Previous Years Solved Papers is an exemplary book that contains all the trick questions and analytical problems that you might need to be aware of in advance so that you do not go in short-handed. Solving this book alone, will give you considerable advantage and lead over most others.


  1. Pick up the right books and make notes along the way as you study – Picking out the right textbook is more important than you know. A body of information that is accurate, consistent in its distribution, and organized is extremely important and rare. Picking up the right textbook does half the work for you. Oswaal Topper’s Handbook 2021 -22 is a great choice in this matter. The book, as the name is suggestive of, is geared towards preparing you in a way that you maximize output and absorb information that is strictly exam-oriented. Also, grow into the habit of paraphrasing what you are also learning, simultaneously. This will help you later when revising and also develop your answer composing prowess to perfection.


  1. Routine and Time Management – This is perhaps the most important advice that anyone can give you. Do not procrastinate or put off anything until later. This will cost you a big chunk if valuable time that you will not get back. Since time is of the essence, every day and every hour are invaluable. You need to make the best of what you’ve got. That is why, one of the preliminary things to do before diving head-first into the syllabus is drawing up a routine that plans out every day down to the hour and appeals to different facets of the syllabus and studying process. This way, you can make equivalent progress in all subjects and areas. Another important thing to adapt to is efficient time-management. Without time management, you might find yourself stuck in a really unproductive loop where you waste long hours staring at your books but the work done is not enough.


  1. Relax and meditate – It is equally important to give time to yourself as it is to your books. Find time to attend to the finer things in your life and things that bring you joy. Relax often (can include short naps or walks), work out every day in the morning to keep yourself fit and healthy (both physically and mentally) and meditate to keep your mind clear so as to absorb more information and be at peace with yourself. Examinations tend to induce a lot of anxiety and stress in our body and minds. Through exercise and meditation, that can be removed.


Competitive examinations are different from the rest of the examinations that you have prepared for your entire life. With the right tools and the right mindset, you can ace it without breaking a sweat.

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