Learn with Leaders and Harvard HMCA launch Statecraft Leadership Workshop across 48 countries

HMCA has been providing immersive educational programs to high school students since 2004.

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Learn with Leaders and Harvard HMCA launch Statecraft Leadership Workshop across 48 countries


Learn with Leaders (LwL) is recognized for conducting exceptional programs for high school students around the world, and this time they have entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership with the Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA). This class-apart collaboration will provide high schoolers a podium to comprehend current affairs and politics surrounding the U.S. government and international political bodies through simulations.

“Through HMCA, we offer a space to high school students to interact freely with Harvard students and peers from around the globe. This space is where we discuss world politics, have healthy debates, understand how the government functions, break cross-cultural barriers, and expand our intellectual aptitudes. We want these students to be able to articulate their thoughts and have productive debates with the confidence required of a leader,” said Georgia Steigerwald, President, HMCA.

Lauren Anderson, Vice President, HMCA, said, “The participating members of the July 2021 Workshop will get specialized training and an exclusive insight into the running of HMCA’s January 2022 Workshop. In addition, these students will get a chance to practice their skills with HMCA staff in the July 2021 Workshop and form connections with global students.”

HMCA is a nonprofit, student-led association of Harvard who are focused on fostering an educational experience for the next generation of students and helping them transform into global leaders. They offer interactive programs to high schoolers, including a government simulation conference, immersing students in fascinating and relevant issues while practicing their public speaking, negotiation, and critical thinking skills. Moreover, with one-to-one feedback, high school students receive guidance and direction for their future.

HMCA has been providing immersive educational programs to high school students since 2004. Their collaboration with Learn with Leaders will help widen the program’s outreach to include diverse students from various countries, cultures, and backgrounds. The workshop, which begins in July, has opened its applications for students and is gathering tremendous responses from students across the world.

“Learn with Leaders has been on a mission to democratize education, and partnering with HMCA is a step towards success. The HMCA July 2021 Workshop is an excellent prospect for high school students to express themselves and share their thoughts while gaining perspective from listening to others. Students get a global podium to discuss current affairs through mock sessions with worldwide peers and Harvard students. We are thrilled to introduce this workshop for the sheer scope it has to expand thought-processes and build future leaders,” said Gunjan Aggarwal, Co-founder, Learn with Leaders.

Learn with Leaders is systematically developing dynamic programs, webinars, workshops, and events to bring Ivy-League quality education to global high school students. The organization is tied up with schools across 30 different countries and is offering a bright chance for these students to learn from international faculty. With the HMCA July 2021 Workshop, LwL is accelerating its trajectory towards building a global students league.

“World-over people believe that the world’s future lies in the hands of the next generation, and nurturing and guiding these hands is of utmost importance. The HMCA July 2021 Workshop with LwL is truly a foundation on which we aim to foster potential global leaders. We are giving students hands-on experience to an absolute understanding of the workings of the government, political organizations, and civic bodies. This platform can transform students’ lives, inculcating new ways of thinking and comprehending public issues and finding solutions through equitable resources,” said Bejoy Suri, Co-founder, Learn with Leaders.

The HMCA July 2021 Workshop will begin on July 10th, 2021, and will be conducted over two weekends. Details of the workshop are available on the Learn with Leaders official website.

About Learn with Leaders

Learn with Leaders is revolutionizing learning and mentoring opportunities for high school students globally by connecting them with faculty and high-achieving students from the world’s leading universities. Learn with Leaders has successfully partnered with the Center for Sustainable Development & Global Competitiveness (CSDGC) at Stanford University, Harvard Graduate Women in Science & Engineering (HGWISE), Harvard Student Agencies (HSA), the Leadership Institute at Harvard College (LIHC), MIT Solv[ED] and faculty from top universities to bring exclusive research-oriented and skill and problem-based learning opportunities for school students.

Learn with Leaders has also collaborated with Harvard Global Education Movement (HGEM), Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA), Harvard College Project for Asian & International Relations (HPAIR),Challenge Success at Stanford Graduate School of Education, New York University, and Yale Law School to present programs, workshops, conferences, and more.

LwL has further partnered with Debate Mate, Women’s Debate Institute USA (WDI), Imperial College Speakers Club London, Wave Learning Festival, MIT Beaver Works, TiE Silicon Valley, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Young Tycoons Business Challenge (YTBC) to initiate programs to develop leadership and communication skills in young students.

About Harvard Model Congress Asia

A nonprofit organization run entirely by Harvard undergraduates, HMCA is an annual conference held in a city in Asia each year where hundreds of international high school students learn and experience government while playing the roles of officials in the United States government and several international political bodies. HMC Asia strives to educate and foster the next generation of global leaders by offering a truly interactive program featuring one-on-one communication with Harvard students, debate on pressing global issues, and cross-cultural connections among delegates from throughout Asia and around the world.

Students from more than twenty nations converge at the conference and work together to address challenges facing governments across the world. At HMCA, students discuss contemporary political issues, draft policy, report news stories, and decide court cases, all under the guidance of Harvard University students. HMC Asia is an officially recognized and wholly student-run organization at Harvard College.

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