Darshan Somaiya – A man giving direction to millions of careers

Darshan Somaiya is one of the greatest personalities who helped millions to answer these staring questions in their lives.

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Darshan Somaiya – A man giving direction to millions of careers
Darshan Somaiya


Having a background of a typical Middle-class family, Darshan was just another boy with dreams in his eyes, and empty pockets, but what made a difference, was the spiritual vision cultivated in him by his mother and the drive to make a change and help people.

From starting a career at 16, to achieving his first Lac at 18, first Million at 20 and 1st Crore at 21, he never really looked back. He soon after became India’s youngest Mercedes’s achiever at 25 and is currently CEO of three multi-millionaire companies namely- Mission Positive World, Lead Monk Digital, and, grossing over 80 Million INR annually.

Darshan is an NLP master who guides and mentor’s business leaders to thrive in this economy with a well-strategic approach. His programs give people mastery in various aspects of discovering, dealing, designing, and demonstrating different career choices.

As the Indian saying goes- ‘Every Arjuna has a Dronacharya guiding him’, Darshan too experienced the change a mentor brings, and thus started his journey towards the same path of becoming one. He believes business and life is a spiritual game! It’s more about what you give, than what you get. He, as India’s millionaire mentor, certified more than three-hundred trainers, mentors, coaches through his signature program – Multi-Millionaire Coach Blueprint.

Throughout his inspiring journey of becoming a sensational success, Darshan never lost the motto of his life i.e., Happiness. His spiritual roots always pushed him towards peace and happiness in work life a well.

 “There is a powerful driving force inside Darshan that can complete any vision he dreams of. That’s how business works! Unleashing the force inside you”- Grant Cardone (Star of Undercover Billionaire 
CEO @CardoneCapital $2.2B AUM)

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