Party to sit in protest against Delhi Police ‘bullying’

The AAP leaders will sit on protest outside government offices in every city to condemn the act of “dadagiri”

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Police outside Kejriwal’s residence

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) accused the Delhi Police on Friday of acting like a “bully” by entering Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence for carrying out a “so-called” search operation and being a mere “puppet” in the hands of the BJP-ruled central government. Calling the police operation an act of “dadagiri”, the party has called for nationwide protests on Saturday.  

The AAP leaders will sit on protest outside government offices in every city to condemn the act of “dadagiri”.

“We will tell the nation in dharna protests how BJP is acting as a bully and trying to scare those who are working for the city. We are going to raise question on ration and electricity and all that concerns the public at large,” said AAP said in a statement.  

Lashing out at the act, AAP leader and spokesperson Ashutosh claimed that the police team went inside Kejriwal’s residence at 6, Flagstaff Road, Civil Lines only to “humiliate and insult the CM”.

“It is not possible that without the indication of the Centre, the police could have indulged in  such dadagiri,” AAP MP Sanjay Singh tweeted.

“The police could have just asked about the CCTV footage or check out the room where the meeting took place. But the additional CP rank officer leading the team asked about the wall paint and plaster, went up on the roof, as if it was a murder spot,” said Ashutosh.   

In a press conference organised at its office, AAP also showed a two-and-half-minute video clip where a team led by senior police officials are seen inside the residence of the chief minister, purportedly asking questions about the wall paint of the room.

“What police team in the country asks such questions about the wall paint and plaster at the CM’s residence? These questions are ridiculous and preposterous,” said BS Joon, AAP counsel.

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