Noida’s new parking policy to be delayed by a month

The Noida Authority plans to hire new agencies to manage the parking problem

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With the objective to reduce traffic congestion in the city, the Noida Authority had planned to hire new agencies to manage the surface parking lots across the city. But, residents of Noida will have to wait for an extended period as the new parking policy will be implemented in 2018.

A senior official said that they are in the process of extending the old agreement of parking contractors for 41 parking sites in the city. The new policy was to be implemented from December.

“The decision to extend the old parking contract has been taken by the authority as the companies for the new parking contracts for 96 sites is yet to be finalised. Once we are through with the entire plan, which is almost final, we shall implement it. We have just pushed the date by one month,” said Sandip Chandra, senior project engineer at the Noida Authority.

“The contracts of the old tenders were supposed to be over by the end of November but they have been extended. We have already given 60 new parking lot contracts to new agencies through an e-tender in October,” Chandra added.

Despite having 41 authorised parking across the city, the Noida Traffic Police, earlier in October, made a shocking claim that the ‘parking mafia’ was operating nearly 300 illegal parking lots in the city.

Due to illegal parking on roads, city’s commercial hubs including Sector 18, Sector 62, 51, 41, 27, 16, Naya Bans village, Harola and Sector 12 are among the areas where even pedestrians cannot find space to walk during peak hours in morning and evening due to parking of vehicles on the roads.

According to the new policy, the prescribed land for parking has been increased to 4,42,000 square meters.


  • 1,68,000 square metres of land used by Noida authority for parking in various sectors.
  • 41 authorised parking lots in Noida
  • 95 places have been sanctioned for parking in 43 sectors in Noida.
  • Rs 20 for parking four-wheelers
  • Rs 10 for 2-wheelers for 14 hours (9 am to 11 pm) along the market roads
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