WPL 2024, UP-W vs GUJ-W Highlights: UP Warriorz beat Gujarat Giants by 6 wickets

Follow highlights from match 8 of TATA WPL 2024 between UPW and GUJ-W here.

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WPL 2024

The upcoming eighth match of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 is set to be an exciting clash between the UP Warriorz (UPW) and the Gujarat Giants Women (GG). This highly anticipated match will take place at the iconic M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

In their last game, the UP Warriorz secured their first victory of the tournament. Their bowlers put up a commendable performance by restricting the Mumbai Indians Women to 161/6. The UPW batters then showcased their skills by successfully chasing down the target in just 16.3 overs, with seven wickets in hand.

On the flip side, the Gujarat Giants Women have yet to secure a win in the WPL 2024. They faced a tough defeat against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in their previous match. The GG batters struggled, managing to score only 107/7 before ultimately losing the game by eight wickets.


  • 01 Mar 2024, 10:15 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: UPW wins

    Sneh Rana steps up to bowl with only six runs needed for victory. A powerful shot! The ball is short and wide, allowing the batsman to cut it through the offside for yet another boundary. Harris then calmly pushes a single to long on, securing the win in just 15.4 overs. UPW emerges victorious by six wickets!

    GGT 142/5 (20)

    UPW 143/4 (15.4)

  • 01 Mar 2024, 09:51 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: UPW 121/4 in 14 overs

    Six runs! Gardner is now in the attack. She is greeted with a massive slog sweep over midwicket for a six. Four runs! Deepti Sharma hits her first boundary, skillfully cutting it through third man. Four more runs! Deepti strikes another boundary through third man.


  • 01 Mar 2024, 09:41 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: UPW 46/1 in 5 overs

    WICKET!! Navgire delivers a wide ball, Navgire attempts a swipe but only succeeds in getting a top edge, resulting in an easy catch for the fielder at short third man. 



  • 01 Mar 2024, 09:39 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: UPW 29/0 in 3 overs

    Four runs! Meghna's delivery was slightly wide, causing Healy to edge the ball towards the boundary through third man. Another four runs! A length ball was hit straight down the ground for a boundary. And another four runs! A slightly fuller delivery was lofted through midwicket for the third boundary of the over. Four more runs! Yet another lofted shot over the head of mid-on results in another boundary.



  • 01 Mar 2024, 08:55 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: UPW 7/0 in 1 over

    Four runs! Healy confidently strikes the ball on the pads and sends it racing through deep square for a boundary. The ball is slightly wide, allowing Healy to expertly drive it through the covers where a fielder was positioned.

  • 01 Mar 2024, 08:54 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: GG 142/5 in 20 overs

    Chamari successfully concluded the innings with a stellar performance. Bryce attempted a powerful shot but unfortunately missed the ball, causing it to bounce just above the stumps. Chamari delivered an exceptional last over, maintaining a high level of accuracy and giving the ball plenty of air. She only conceded four runs in total

  • 01 Mar 2024, 08:43 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: GG 138/5 in 19 overs

    WICKET! The dangerous Gardner is dismissed for 30 runs. A fantastic catch taken by Chamari while backpedaling. Ecclestone secures her third wicket. WICKET! Saima Thakor executes a direct hit to dismiss Litchfield. Despite a desperate dive, she was unable to reach the crease.

  • 01 Mar 2024, 08:30 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: GG 108/3 in 16 overs

    Grace Harris is back into the attack. Litchfield slightly overpitches and lofts it straight back for a boundary. Gardner then smashes the first six of the match by using her bottom hand to whip it over midwicket.

  • 01 Mar 2024, 08:12 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: GG 83/3 in 13 overs

    Four runs! Litchfield executes a brilliant reverse sweep through point. And it's a wicket! Harleen attempts a slog after stepping down the pitch, but only manages to get a leading edge, resulting in an easy catch for Anjali.

  • 01 Mar 2024, 08:04 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: GG 62/2 in 10 overs

    Ecclestone makes a comeback. Wolvaardt elegantly guides the ball behind square to score a couple of runs. However, there is a sudden breakthrough as Wolvaardt mistimes her shot, resulting in an easy catch for Chamari at mid-off.

  • 01 Mar 2024, 07:49 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: GG 41/1 in 6 overs

    Four runs! Mooney executes a reverse sweep through fine leg to kick off the over with a boundary. However, her aggressive approach leads to her downfall as she advances down the pitch and attempts to loft the next delivery, only to find the fielder at mid-on. 

  • 01 Mar 2024, 07:45 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: GG 33/0 in 4 overs

    Four runs! Mooney confidently strides down the pitch and expertly drives the full delivery past the bowler, sending the ball racing to the boundary. Another four runs! Wolvaardt elegantly executes a sweep shot, guiding the ball through deep square leg for yet another boundary.

  • 01 Mar 2024, 07:37 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: GG 19/0 in 2 overs

    Four runs! With a full and wide delivery, Wolvaardt elegantly drives the ball through the covers for a boundary. Another four runs! This time the ball is wide and shorter in length, allowing Wolvaardt to cut it through the offside for another boundary. And yet another four runs! That's three boundaries in a row, as Wolvaardt executes another flawless cut shot.

  • 01 Mar 2024, 07:09 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: GG 6/0 in 1 over

    First up, a delivery down the leg side results in four leg-byes as it beats the keeper and runs away. Following that, Wolvaardt turns a delivery on leg stump to midwicket for a single. Mooney then gets off the mark with a single to the leg side.


  • 01 Mar 2024, 07:03 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: Teams

    UP Warriorz (Playing XI): Alyssa Healy(w/c), Kiran Navgire, Chamari Athapaththu, Grace Harris, Deepti Sharma, Saima Thakor, Shweta Sehrawat, Poonam Khemnar, Sophie Ecclestone, Anjali Sarvani, Rajeshwari Gayakwad

    Gujarat Giants (Playing XI): Harleen Deol, Beth Mooney(w/c), Phoebe Litchfield, Laura Wolvaardt, Ashleigh Gardner, Dayalan Hemalatha, Kathryn Bryce, Sneh Rana, Tanuja Kanwar, Mannat Kashyap, Meghna Singh


  • 01 Mar 2024, 07:03 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: UP Warriorz opt to bowl

    Healy: We are going to have a bowl. They have all played pretty similar. But chasing looks more comfortable for the teams. Hopefully much of the same, that was the blueprint we want to play. Chamari comes in for Tahlia McGrath.

    Mooney: It would be nice if we could put 190 on the board. We have two changes. Laura Wolvaardt comes in for Tahuhu, Veda also misses out. You got to be feeling you can win the game no matter what situation are in. It is a long tournament in some ways and shorter in others, hope we get it right tonight.


  • 01 Mar 2024, 07:02 PM

    UP-W vs GUJ-W Live Score: Hello and Welcome!

    Welcome to the live coverage of the WPL 2024 match between UP-W and GUJ-W at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. Stay tuned for all the latest updates. 

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