Don't fight with Virat Kohli, he plays 10 times better then, Clark tells Australia

Virat Kohli and Matthew Wade had a lot to say to each other during ODI between India and Australia at Kolkata.

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Don't fight with Virat Kohli, he plays 10 times better then, Clark tells Australia
Virat Kohli


Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is not one to step back whenever there is an opportunity to engage in a verbal duel with the opposition. 

He and Australian wicketkeeper Matthew Wade were at each other during second ODI between India and Australia at Kolkata. The banter began in the 33rd over of the Indian innings when Kohli decided to take a run after Wade was hit while collecting a delivery of Marcus Stoinis. 

Not taking too this, Wade started off by saying, “I might have a cry like you. I might go to the dressing rooms and have a good cry like you.” “Everyone has to feel sorry for you,” he added.

Later they were seem continuing the argument in the middle of the pitch with Stoinis also involved. 

Kohli was later seen giving Wade a verbal send-off when he fell to Kuldeep Yadav during the visitor's chase. 

It is not new for tempers to flare in an India vs Australia match. However, this time Kohlio has got some support from an unexpected quarter- former Australian bowler Stuart Clark has backed Kohli. 

Talking about the incident in the 33rd over, Clark said that such an incident is ‘piddly crap’.

"He (Wade) mis-fielded one. Whether the Indian batsman knew he was injured or not was probably a secondary question. It’s one run. Is this the biggest issue this team has got? If I’m Matthew Wade and I’m Marcus Stoinis - and full credit to him for standing up for Matthew Wade - I’d be worried about my own cricket, rather than all this other stuff. This is piddly crap."

Adding that such banter tends to fire Kohli up, Clark said, "I wouldn’t be saying too much to Virat Kohli. He seems to want to fight with everyone and he seems to play 10 times better when he does fight with people."

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