India v/s Australia, 3rd ODI: Team India win in Indore by 5 wickets, Here is how it happened

Follow live score, updates and commentary of the third ODI between India and Australia in Indore.

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India v/s Australia, 3rd ODI: Team India win in Indore by 5 wickets, Here is how it happened
Hardik Pandya


    India took an unbeatable 3-0 lead in the 5-match series against Australia after defeating the visitors by 5 wickets in Indore on Sunday. India chased down the target of 294 runs in 47.5 overs thanks to half centuries from Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane. Earlier, Australia made 293 runs for the loss of 6 wickets after winning the toss and opting to bat. Aaron Finch, returning after injury, scored a brilliant 124 while Steve Smith added another half-century.

    Here is how it happened:


    India win by 5 wickets to win the Indore ODI and the taken an unbeatable 3-0 lead in the series.

    That's It! Manish Pandey gets the winning run. 

    Pandey started the over with a Four. With two runs to go Dhoni was at the strike- and he took a single to give it to Pandey. 

    IND- 294/5 after 47.5 overs 


    Dhoni is taking his time as usual. 

    IND- 287/5 after 47 overs



    Pandya falls a mis-timed shot. He wanted to go over mid-on but the ball travels to the man at mid-on. 

    Good over from Cummins this. 

    So Dhoni to finish it now? 

    IND- 285/5 after 46 overs 



    They have had enough! Pandey and Pandya want to finish this one now, 

    Pandey begins with two boundaries off the first balls. Pandya follows suit after change of strike. The match looks done and dusted now. 

    IND- 283/4 after 45 overs 


    Another over, same story. India get their boundary on the very first ball thanks to Pandya. They take four more singles off the over. 

    IND- 265/4 after 44 overs 


    The boundaries just keep coming for India. This over it is Manish Pandey who gets the gap and slaps one to cover.  

    IND- 257/4 after 43 overs 


    Pandya takes another boundary in the over. No worries for him. 250 is up.

    IND- 250/4 after 42 overs  


    Two tight overs here from the Australians but they need to add a wicket to the mix. 

    51 runs required from 54 balls.  

    IND- 243/4 after 41 overs 



    Pandya again takes on Agar and sends him out for the maximum. 

    He then takes a single to bring up his half-century. 

    IND- 235/4 after 39 overs 


    FOUR and FOUR

    Manish Pandey joins in. First he punishes a short-ball on leg to fine leg. He then drives it past the bowler. Good start for him at no. 6

    IND- 227/4 after 38 overs 


    SIX and FOUR

    Hardik Pandya responds to the pressure with the only way he know. 

    First he hits a short-ball from  Agar over midwicket. He then follows it with another pull into midwicket. 

    What's worse he then dropped on the last ball. It was tough for Smith. The ball has lobbed to the edge of the circle, Smith backtracked and got underneath but spilled it. 

    IND- 217/4 after 37 overs 



    Kedar Jadhav is gone too. Jadhav wants to cut but gets a thick outside edge which Handsomb takes low in front of him.

    A twist in tail here!

    Manish Pandey is the new man in.

    IND- 206/4 after 36 overs 



    Virat Kohli is gone. Kohli wants to send Agar over cover, but the ball skews off the inside half and lobs to Finch at long-off. He goes for 28. 

    The dry spell brings the result for Australia. 

    Jadhav is the new man in.

    IND- 205/3 after 35 overs 


    200 up for India in 33.3 overs. 


    And Stoinis and Coulter-Nile follow it up with another set of tight overs. They were helped by good efforts in the field too. Interesting to see how Pandya reacts to this. 

    IND- 193/2 after 32 overs 


    Good overs from Stoinis and Coulter-Nile. Just 7 runs off the last two. But run rate is not an issue for India right now. They need 107 runs to win off 120 balls.

    IND- 187/2 after 30 overs 



    Kohli leans on the drive and sends it between cover and mid-off.

    Earlier in the over, Pandya and Cummins have a 'chat' in the middle. 

    IND- 180/2 after 28 overs 



    Another Ashton Agar over starts with a Hardik Pandya maximum. Kohli is smiling at the other end. Pandya gets under it and sends it over long-on. Easy does it. 

    IND- 172/2 after 27 overs 



    Hardik Pandya joins Kohli in the middle and begins with a maximum. It was too full and Pandya smoked it over the wide long-on boundary. 150 is up with that shot.

    IND- 157/2 after 25 overs 



    Rahane is gone.

    Pat Cummins pins him in front of the wicket. He goes for 70 off 76 balls.  

    IND- 148/2 after 24 overs 



    It's Coulter-Nile who gets the wicket. Rohit wanted to pull but ended up splicing it off the top of the bat. Catch taken at deep mid-wicket. Rohit goes for 71 after a 139-run stand with Rahane.

    Kohli is the new man in.

    IND- 141/1 after 22 overs 


    20 overs gone. 

    Australia have tried to juggle their bowlers to have some impact on this Indian opening partnership. However, they have been unsuccessful so far. There have been half chances but apart from the Handscomb miss- nothing concrete so far. The visitors need a break through and soon if they want to hold on the match and the series.

    Rahane 58 (60 balls)
    Sharma 70 (60 balls)

    IND- 132/0 



    Rahane also brings up his half-century- a run-a-ball fifty. This is his second half-century in as many matches. 

    IND- 121/0 after 18 overs



    An eventful 17th over.

    First Ashton Agar gets injured trying stop a shot from Rohit at deep midwicket. He had to go of the field. 

    then, Handscomb dropped Sharma off the last ball. Rohit wanted to dab one from Cummins to third man but got a fine nick. Handscomb dived to his right but couldn't  hold on. Rohit survives at 67.

    IND- 116/0 after 17 overs


    100 up after 15 overs

    India is doing really well here. The bad overs are going for 12-13 runs, but the good overs are also getting them 6-7 runs. They are getting one or two boundary almost every over.

    Chasing for the first time in the series India needed a solid start and these two have provided it. 



    Rohit raises his fifty off 42 balls. 

    IND- 84/0 after 13 overs


    Good over from Richardson considering India's dominance. Just 3 off it.

    IND- 77/0 after 12 overs 


    Spin is in, Agar to ball the 11th over. Rohit and Rahane manage it with ease. 

    IND- 74/0 after 11 overs  



    Rahane on the rampage now.  Three boundaries in four balls off Stoinis. India are off to very good start. 

    IND- 68/0 after 10 overs


    Nine runs of the ninth over. 50 up for India.


    Change from both ends. Stoinis comes in. 

    Good over, just 4 off it. Rohit is in his 30s now. 

    IND- 46/0 after 8 overs  


    Cummins is replaced by Richardson. 

    MISSED HALF-CHANCE!  Rohit hits it in the air and Maxwell dives full-length to his left at backward point but can't cling onto the ball. FOUR. 

    Rohit then earns another boundary as he pulls a short ball to square leg. 

    IND- 42/0 after 7 overs  



    Rohit again, this one is hit over long-off. It was pitched up and outside off. No problem there. 


    Rohit is having a good time here- too full and into the pads from Coulter-Nile, driven through midwicket. 

    IND- 34/0 after 6 overs



    The boundaries are coming now. This time its Rohit, who picks the length early and pulls it over long leg. Big one.

    IND- 23/0 after 5 overs



    Rahane gets the first boundary of the Indian innings. Rahane drives it inside out over extra cover. 

    IND- 15/0 after 4 overs  


    Tight start by the Aussie pacers, both Cummins and Coulter-Nile are bowling with good pace here. The Indian openers are being watchful. After all, it is a good track to bat on once you settle.

    IND- 8/0 after 3 overs  


    Good first over from Pat Cummins. He beat Rohit Sharma by his pace a couple of times. Both batsmen off the mark though. 

    IND- 2/0


    Here we go again. Welcome to the Indian innings- Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane  are out in the middle. India need 294 runs to win the ODI series.  


    India have done extremely well to restrict Australia to within 300.

    After the start Aaron Finch gave them, the Aussies were looking good to go past 350 at one point.

    Will India be able to wrap up the series tonight?

    Join us after a short break to find out!


    That's the end of the Australian innings.

    Expensive final over by Bumrah. 13 runs came from it.

    Australia end with 293/6 after their quota of 50 overs.


    The boundaries have absolutely dried up for Australia.

    They have squandered a great opportunity to get a massive score.

    Just five runs from that penultimate over bowled by Bhuvi.

    How many can they get from the final six balls?

    AUS: 281/6 after 49 overs.


    What a catch from Manish Pandey!

    ​Peter Handscomb steps out and hits Bumrah in the air.

    Pandey, at the long-off boundary, catches the ball before throwing it in the air to avoid conceding a six.

    He then comes back inside the rope and completes an absolutely stunning catch.

    How easy did he make that look?!

    AUS: 275/6 after 47.5 overs.


    Bhuvi tries to bowl slower and keep it as wide as possible against Stoinis. Ends up bowling two wides.

    Stoinis played well towards the end of the Aussie innings in the second ODI in Kolkata, he needs to step up today as well.

    A fine straight-drive for four means Bhuvi concedes nine runs in that over.

    AUS: 272/5 after 47 overs.


    What an over from Bumrah!

    A wicket and just three runs conceded.

    Top class death bowling.

    AUS: 263/5 after 46 overs.



    Bumrah knocks over Travis Head's stumps.

    The left-hander tries to play across the line but gets completely fooled by a good slower ball.

    Australia are losing the plot here.

    AUS: 260/5 after 45.3 overs.


    Bhuvi comes back into the attack. Bowls a tidy over.

    India will be happy to restrict the Aussies for anything around 300.

    AUS: 259/4 after 45 overs.


    Travis Head and Marcus Stoinis are out in the middle for Australia.

    The visitors will have to check the target they're looking for now.

    These quick wickets have really pegged them back.

    AUS: 245/4 after 43 overs.



    Wickets on consecutive balls for India.

    Maxwell throws away his wicket this time. Tried to come down and smash a six, missed the ball by a mile and got stumped by Dhoni.

    Clever bowling by Chahal. Saw the batsman stepping down and fired the ball well wide.

    Maxwell's pedestrian innings of 5 from 13 comes to an end.

    AUS: 243/4 after 42.1 overs.


    Maxwell struggling to get going here. The run-rate has come down a bit.

    Australia would want to get close to 320-330 after the start they got.

    300 is a par score on this belter of a track.


    Disaster for the Aussies as they lose another set batsman.

    This time it's Steve Smith. Came down the track and tried to hit Kuldeep out of the park, found Bumrah at the long-on fence.

    The skipper walks back for a well made 63.

    AUS: 243/3 after 42 overs.


    Smith ends Pandya's over with a lucky boundary.

    Slashed his bat at a wide delivery, the ball found the edge of the bat and raced past short-third.

    AUS: 232/2 after 39 overs.



    India pick a wicket against the run of play.

    Finch ried to slog sweep it for six, found Kedar at the mid-wicket boundary. Kuldeep gets a wicket.

    But what an innings this has been by Finch. Has set his team up for a win.

    Not surprisingly, Glenn Maxwell is the new man at the crease for Australia.

    AUS: 224/2 after 37.5 overs.


    Pandya gets his length wrong, Finch hits a short-arm pull for four.

    The medium-pacer then goes on to bowl two wides down the leg side.

    Two hundred up for Australia. How much will they end up with?

    Time for another Drinks break at the Holkar Stadium in Indore.

    AUS: 206/1 after 36 overs.



    What a comeback this has been for the right-handed opening batsman.

    He has brought Australia to a very strong position in the match. Smacks Kuldeep for a four and a huuuge six in that over.

    India staring down the barrel here!

    AUS: 197/1 after 34 overs.


    Just three runs from that Pandya over. He has gone for 36 runs from his seven overs, and also taken a wicket. Good figures in tough conditions.

    Meanwhile, Finch is nearing his hundred.

    AUS: 186/1 after 33 overs.


    Finch on fire!

    Goes inside out against Kuldeep, the ball goes all the way for six.

    Follows that up with a thumping straight-drive for four.

    Hundred-run partnership between Finch and Smith comes up.

    AUS: 171/1 after 30 overs.


    Australia are setting themselves up for a big total here.

    Finch cuts Chahal ferociously for four in what was another expensive over for the leggie.

    ​AUS: 159/1 after 29 overs.


    Shot of the day from Finch!

    Bhuvi pitches it up, Finch hits an extended straight-drive that sails over the ropes.

    Ominous signs for the Indians.

    AUS: 146/1 after 27 overs.


    Bhuvi comes back into the attack to replace Pandya.

    Five runs from that over.

    AUS: 135/1 after 25 overs.


    Tidy over from Kuldeep. Just the four singles came from it. Tossing the ball up fearlessly.

    AUS: 130/1 after 24 overs.


    Smith does his customary shuffle across the wicket, Pandya falls for it and drifts on to his pads. The Aussie skipper whips it to the square-leg fence for four.

    Pandya then goes wide outside off-stump, Smith cuts it for four this time.

    Australia are getting at least one boundary in just about every over.

    AUS: 126/1 after 23 overs.


    Kuldeep Yadav finally has a bowl.

    Finch picks him off for an easy boundary on the second ball of the over.

    There simply isn't any spice in the pitch for bowlers. Ball coming on to the bat comfortably.

    Seven runs off that over.

    AUS:117/1 after 22 overs.


    Aaron Finch brings up his fifty with a thumping straight drive for four over the bowler's head.

    Chahal struggling to tame the right-hander.

    ​AUS: 110/1 after 21 overs.


    Sensational effort at covers by Manish Pandey. Saved a couple of runs with a full-length dive. Almost got a run-out too!

    Pandya is doing well to keep it down to singles. Tight line and length.

    AUS: 102/1 after 20 overs.


    The run-rate is picking up again.

    Finch hits Chahal for a maximum, Smith follows that up with a four after dancing down the wicket.

    Tough conditions for bowlers at the moment. Not much juice in the pitch.

    AUS: 95/1 after 19 overs.


    The Aussies were getting a push on, but Warner's departure has slowed things down again.

    Smith taking his time to get his eye in.

    Time for Drinks!

    AUS: 79/1 after 16 overs.




    And just as were talking, Pandya knocks over Warner's stumps.

    The explosive opener simply didn't read a fine slower-ball by Pandya. Missed the line completely as he tried to play a defensive shot.

    Terrific delivery from Pandya coming around the wicket, that ball actually turned off the pitch.

    That's what you call commentator's curse!

    Skipper Steve Smith is the new man at the crease for Australia.

    AUS: 70/1 after 13.3 overs.


    Warner goes big!

    First six of the match comes from the bat of the diminutive left-hander.

    Chahal tosses one up, Warner smacks it straight back over his head.

    This is turning out to be a great start for Australia. They are starting to build momentum here.

    AUS: 66/0 after 13 overs.


    Hardik Pandya takes over bowling duties from Bumrah's end.

    Tidy start from the medium-pacer, just the three runs from that over.

    AUS: 55/0 after 12 overs.



    Yuzvendra Chahal is India's first change bowler today.

    Gets slight turn even on this flat wicket. Australia will be wary of the leg-spinner.

    And just as were talking of Kohli's misfield, the Indian captain comes up with a moment of brilliance.

    A quick pick-up and throw from mid-wicket almost runs out a diving Finch.

    There are aren't many competitors like Kohli in world cricket.

    AUS: 52/0 after 11 overs.


    Misfield from Kohli while backing up gives away two extra runs.

    India could do well to avoid such mistakes in the field.

    The conditions are good for the batsmen, no point making life easier for them.

    AUS: 49/0 after 10 overs.


    Once again Bhuvi gets his angle wrong from around the wicket, once again Warner clips it past short-fine for four.

    Next ball Bhuvi tries to compensate with his line, Warner comes forward and plays the shot of the day so far - a gorgeous cover-drive on the rise.

    Perhaps, Kohli has given too long a spell to the new ball bowlers. It's hot and humid, the pitch isn't offering any help either.

    AUS:43/0 after 9 overs.


    Poor bowling from Bumrah in that over. Got too straight in his line a couple of times against Finch. Leaked a boundary with fine-leg inside the circle.

    AUS: 35/0 after 8 overs.


    Ball staying low every once in a while, making it hard to for the batsmen to get going.

    Just the two runs from that Bhuvi over.

    AUS: 26/0 after 7 overs.


    Just one run from that Bumrah over.

    This has been a steady start for Australia. Not doing anything flashy, picking up the singles and the odd boundary.

    Their run-rate is less at the moment, considering how good the wicket is to bat on, but the good part is that they haven't lost any wicket and can cover up later.


    Bhuvi comes around the wicket and drifts on to Warner's pads. Easy boundary considering fine-leg was in.

    Early signs say that today's game is going to be a high-scoring one. The wicket is an absolute belter!

    AUS: 23/0 after 5 overs.


    Australia get a push on!

    Finch gets two boundaries in that Bumrah over.

    First, an outside edge that flew past second slip, followed by a fine square cut through a packed covers region.

    AUS: 11 for no loss after 4 overs.


    Bhuvi keeping things very tight. Kohli supporting him with aggressive fields. A catching mid-on in place for Finch.

    The Aussies don't want to lose early wickets here. Playing well within themselves.

    AUS: 7 for no loss after 3 overs.


    Jasprit Bumrah would want to make a mark today after Bhuvi grabbed the limelight in the last match. He's gotten off to a promising start here.

    Three runs from the second over too. The Aussies not looking to do anything flashy at the moment.


    Good start from Bhuvi.

    Warner, who was dismissed by the Bhuvi in the last match, pokes at one that was moving away. The ball flies inches past backward point.

    Aaron Finch is making a comeback after injury in today's match. Does well to get off the mark.

    Three from the first over.


    The national anthems of both teams have been played out. We're ready for live action!

    David Warner has taken strike for Australia, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the new ball for India.

    Here we go!



    Hello everyone and welcome to live coverage of the third ODI between India and Australia.

    Today, the action in this five-match series shifts to the Holkar Stadium in Indore.

    Steve Smith won the Toss and decided to bat first.

    The visitors have gone in with two changes, while the hosts have chosen the same playing XI.

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