India vs Australia, 2nd ODI: Kuldeep Yadav hat-trick helps hosts take 2-0 lead

Here are highlights of the 2nd ODI between India and Australia in Kolkata.

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India vs Australia, 2nd ODI: Kuldeep Yadav hat-trick helps hosts take 2-0 lead
India's Kuldeep Yadav celebrates after dismissing Australia's Pat Cummins during the 2nd ODI at Eden Garden in Kolkata on Thursday


India left-arm wrist-spinner Kuldeep Yadav took a hat-trick against Australia in the second one-day international at Eden Gardens on Thursday.

The 22-year-old dismissed Matthew Wade, Ashton Agar and Pat Cummins in his eighth over.

The Man of the Match was, however, Virat Kohli for his knock of 92 runs in tough conditions.

Team India took a 2-0 lead in the five-match series with a 50-run victory in Kolkata. Steve Smith and his men will need to pull up their socks in the third ODI in Indore on Sunday.

Here are highlights of the match:


So that's all from our live coverage of the 2nd ODI between India and Australia.

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Stoinis was giving the Aussies a bit of a look there, but Bhuvi was roped into the attack after his opening spell of six overs and it took him just one ball to trap Richardson in front.

In the end, India win the second ODI by 50 runs.




Fifty for Marcus Stoinis!

​The young all-rounder has played a gritty knock here.



Nathan Coulter-Nile is caught and bowled by Pandya. The short ball did it there.

The end is near.

AUS - 182/9 after 39.4 overs.


Stoinis and Coulter-Nile are doing well to hold on to their wicket and rotate strike.

But the players just seem to be going through the motions at the moment. An Indian win is inevitable at this point.

AUS - 174/8 after 38 overs.


Kuldeep becomes the third Indian to pick a hat-trick in ODI cricket. Kapil Dev and Chetan Sharma being the others.

The contest is all but over here. This is surely too uphill a task for the Aussies now.

AUS - 152/8 after 34 overs.



Sensational bowling from the young chinaman bowler. Pat Cummins is the third victim, gets caught behind to a beautiful googly.

AUS - 148/8 after 33 overs.



Kuldeep traps Agar plumb in front of the wicket on the first ball.

Another poor shot there, played across to what was a full toss.

The chinaman bowler is on a hat-trick!



Wade chops one from Kuldeep on to his stumps.

Poor batting from the Aussie keeper, the ball was a rather poor one from Kuldeep.

AUS - 148/6 after 32.2 overs.


Expensive over from Pandya in the context of the match, 9 runs from it.

His short length has become predictable.

India need to keep chipping away with wickets.

AUS - 148/5 after 32 overs.



Pandya gets the key wicket of Smith!

The Aussie skipper pulls one in the air, Jadeja takes a fine running catch at deep square-leg.

AUS - 138/5 after 29.5 overs.


Class bowling from Chahal. Dominating the battle against Stoinis with his leg-breaks.

Just one run from that over. Seems like Australia just want to play out the 20 overs of Chahal and Kuldeep.

AUS - 133/4 after 29 overs.


Five dot balls and a boundary from that Pandya over.

AUS - 125/4 after 27 overs


18th ODI fifty for Steve Smith.

Can he take his team to victory in his 100th ODI?

AUS - 121/4 after 26 overs.


Pandya comes back into the attack, Stoinis flicks him for four.

The all-rounder has had a poor day with the ball so far.

AUS 120/4 after 25 overs.



Chahal gets Maxwell!

The explosive batsman was beaten on successive deliveries. Finally, he decided to step out but the ball went through his legs. Dhoni did the rest.

Marcus Stoinis is the new man at the crease.

Chahal is on fire!

AUS - 106/4 after 23 overs.


Bumrah brought back into the attack.

The ball is keeping low now, skidding on to the batsman.

Just one run off that over.

AUS - 106/3 after 22 overs.



Maxwell goes big, sweeps Kuldeep for consecutive maximums.

High risk shots, but that's just the way Maxi bats.

Kuldeep wraps him on the pads on the next ball. Good battle this.

AUS - 102/3 after 20 overs.


Wonderful leg-spinners from Chahal. Smith just about able to keep his wickets intact.

AUS - 90/3 after 19 overs.


Tight over from Kuldeep Yadav. Just three runs off it.

Maxwell is struggling to read the chinaman bowler.



Travis Head hits a full toss from Chahal straight to mid-wicket.

Rohit Sharma, who had dropped the left-hander earlier, will heave a sigh of relief.

India needed this wicket, the partnership was starting to look really threatening.

Glenn Maxwell is the new man at the crease.

AUS - 85/3 after 17 overs.


Fine shot from Head! 

Pandya pitches it short of good length, Head leans forward and flicks it through mid-wicket for four.

The outfield at Eden Gardens is lightening quick at the moment.

Nine runs from that over.

AUS - 73/2 after 14 overs.


Yuzvendra Chahal comes on to have a bowl.

Gives away three runs to start off his spell.

AUS - 64/2 after 13 overs.


Three boundaries from that Pandya over.

Smith's starting to come into his own. Kohli must get one of his spinners in place of Pandya.

AUS - 61/2 after 12 overs.


Good captaincy from Kohli. Gives Bhuvi another over.

Although India didn't get one more wicket, it shows Kohli realises the importance of getting wickets at the moment.

Bhuvi has bowled a top class opening spell here. Has got two wickets and given just nine runs from his six overs.

AUS - 49/2 after 11 overs.


Pandya comes into the attack, is greeted by a smashing pull from Head for four.

The left-hander follows that up with three runs through covers.

Australia are getting runs at a decent rate. India need to keep getting wickets. Number of runs won't be a problem for the visitors.

Seven runs from that Pandya over.

AUS - 47/2 after 10 overs.


Head survives a close call!

Bhuvi gets his outside edge but Rohit drops a simple catch at first slip. Have to take such chances at this level.

The Aussies are living dangerously here.

AUS - 27/2 after 7 overs.


Travis Head walks in and gets a couple of much-needed boundaries for the Aussies.

The visitors cannot afford to lose another wicket at the moment.

AUS - 22/2 after 6 overs.



Bhuvi gets Warner!

This is a stunning exhibition of swing bowling!

Kept bowling away swingers from over the wicket, but slight outside off stump.

Then got the angle closer to Warner and got his edge. Rahane takes a fine catch at second slip.

AUS - 10/2 after 5 overs.


Bumrah spitting fire!

Beats skipper Steve Smith all ends up with one that seamed away.

Followed it up with an outside edge, but the ball raced away for four.

The Eden Gardens pitch has come alive here. Plenty of lateral movement for the pacers.

AUS - 9/1 after 4 overs.



Sensational bowling from Bhuvneshwar Kumar!

Beat Hilton Cartwright a couple of times with accurate away swingers, then bowled one angling in to clip the top of the off stump.

Top class stuff this! A wicket-maiden for Bhuvi.

AUS - 2/1 after 3 overs,

Now Bhuvi gets the ball to swing


Just one run to start off from Bumrah as well.

Moving the ball both ways beautifully. Beat the edge a couple of times there.


Steady start from Bhuvi.

Just the one run from the first over.


We're ready for action to resume at the Eden Gardens.

Australia need 253 to level the five-match series 1-1.

Here we go!


This has been a good effort by the visitors.

However, 252 on a slow wicket can be tricky to get.

India have fine bowlers in their ranks, and a few early wickets can make a huge difference.

Let's hope there's no more rain on the cards at the Eden Gardens.

Join us after a short break for live action!


India finish with 252.

Chahal is run out by Wade off the final ball.


Bumrah swings wildly, the ball finds its way to the square leg boundary.

India go past 250.



Pandya holes out on the first ball of the final over.

Richardson continues to impress with the ball, fine slower one there.

Big blow this for India, Pandya could've made a crucial 10-12 runs more.


Bumrah gets an outside edge, the ball races away for four. Smith can't believe it.

Pandya gets the strike on the final ball of the over, takes a single smartly to keep strike.

IND - 246/8 after 49 overs.



What an absolutely stunning catch from Wade behind the stumps!

Cummins gets Kuldeep's edge, Wade flies to his left to pluck the ball out of thin air.


The action has resumed!


Bhuvi goes for a big one, gets caught by Maxwell at long-off. Richardson gets another wicket.

Bhuvi had been dropped off the previous ball by Steve Smith. His luck ran out.

Kuldeep Yadav is the new man.

IND - 239/7 after 48 overs.

Smith drops it this time. Bhuvi skies one


The players are off the field as it rains at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

Stay tuned for further updates!


Drama here at the Eden Gardens!

Pandya gets caught by Smith, but is given not-out because of the waist-high full-toss.

Meanwhile, Smith realised there was a possibility that it could be a no ball and ran out Pandya, who surprisingly left his wicket and walked off before the catch was taken.

The Aussies were furious that even though it was a no ball, why was Pandya given not out even after being clearly run out.

The umpires stuck by their decision, and after some research it was revealed that the ball was dead once the catch was taken and thus Pandya was indeed not out.

Aaand to top it all, the players had to leave the field after that all the drama because of rain.



Bhuvi nearly takes Pandya's head off!

A thundering straight drive by Bhuvi and the ball crashes into Pandya's helmet at the other end. He simply didn't have time to avoid getting hit.

Pandya gets back to his feet after staying down for a few minutes.That was a close call. Could've been disastrous.

Seven runs from that over and Coulter-Nile's spell comes to an end. Gave away 51 runs and got 3 wickets. Good effort again by the tall fast-bowler.

IND - 233/6 after 47 overs.


Four runs from that Stoinis over.

Looks like India will be happy just getting past 250.

IND - 226/6 after 46 overs.


Just two runs again, this time Coulter-Nile keeps things tight.

The worry for Australia, though, is that who will bowl the final overs for them.

Agar is off the field with cramps, and Cummins and Coulter-Nile just have an over each left.


Just two runs from that Stoinis over.

Bhuvi playing out five dot balls.

India can't afford this. Pandya has to get more of the strike.


First shot of authority from Pandya!

Slaps a short and wide ball from Cummins for four.

First target for India has to be getting past 250.

IND - 218/6 after 43 overs.


What a spell this has been from Pat Cummins.

He's given just 19 runs from his 8 overs so far.

Just the one run from that over.

IND - 208/1 after 41 overs.


Pandya will have to play another special knock if India are to get past 300.

The Australians have done tremendously well to come back into the contest.

India were looking good to get 320-330 not too long ago.

IND - 207/6 after 40 overs.



Dhoni mistimes a drive, gets caught by Smith at short covers.

Richardson strikes for the Aussies.

India have lost 3 for 18 in 24 balls.

IND - 204/6 after 39.1 overs.



Would you believe it, Kohli falls for 92.

Coulter-Nile gets his inside edge, the ball crashes into the stumps.

This is a huge setback for India.

IND - 197/5 after 37.5 overs.


Meanwhile, Kohli is inching towards a century.

Plays another delectable cover drive for four.

Just the five runs from that Stoinis over, though.

IND - 195/4 after 37 overs.



Kedar Jadhav removed by Coulter-Nile, caught by Maxwell.

Loud cheers at the Eden Gardens as MS Dhoni walks out to the middle.

IND - 190/4 after 36 overs.



Stoinis pitches it short and wide, Kedar throws his hands at it, the ball sails over the square third man boundary.

The diminutive right-hander is getting a move on here.

IND - 185/3 after 35 overs.


Kedar cracks it up a notch, smashes Agar for back to back boundaries to end the over.

India need more of that if they are to get past 300 today.

IND - 176/3 after 34 overs.


The Indians not looking for boundaries at the moment. Dealing in ones and twos.

Australia wouldn't mind this.

IND - 154/3 after 31 overs.


Welcome boundary for the hosts.

Kohli walks out to Richardson, plays a trademark flick through mid-wicket for four.

India cannot afford to lose their skipper at the moment. He's a master at pacing an innings.

IND - 141/3 after 29 overs.



Manish Pandey clean-bowled by Ashton Agar!

Poor, poor shot from the right-hander.

Went for a nothing sort of late-cut, got cleaned up by the arm ball.

The Aussie left-arm spinner has been impressive today.

Meanwhile, India's middle-order continues to look shaky.

Kedar Jadhav is the new man at the crease.

IND - 131/3 after 27.2 overs.


IND - 131/2 after 27 overs.




Rahane is run-out!

Australia get a wicket against the run of play.

This partnership was starting to look good, the visitors will be pleased to see the back of Rahane.

The Mumbaikar will be gutted, has to walk back after doing all the hard work.

Manish Pandey is the new man for India.

IND - 121/2 after 23.4 overs.


Rahane brings up his half-century!

India are going at a moderate rate here. But these two have laid the foundation for a strong finish.

IND - 115/1 after 23 overs.


50 up for Virat Kohli!

He came after Rahane, but has overtaken him by rotating the strike swiftly.

India need their skipper to get a big one today.

IND - 111/1 after 22 overs.


With only one run off the over Ashton Agar seems to be proving Steve Smith right for putting his faith in him.

IND - 83/1 after 17 overs.


Smith introduces spin finally.

Ashton Agar, brought in place of Adam Zampa, starts his spell by giving six runs in that over.

Not much turn in the wicket, as was expected.

IND - 70/1 after 14 overs.


Keeper Mathew Wade seems to be struggling with some sort of sickness at the moment. The Aussie physio is out on the field tending to him.

Even pacer Kane Richardson looks ginger as he walks back to his bowling mark.

The rains have given way to extreme heat in Kolkata.

IND - 63/1 after 12.5 overs.


Good finish to that Cummins over for India.

Kohli dispatches a short ball to the square-leg boundary.

India are taking their time here. Not being overly aggressive.

IND - 50/1 after 11 overs.


Kohli copies Rahane!

Walks out against Kane Richardson and plays nothing more than a forward defence. The ball races past covers for four.

Steve Smith might want to consider protecting that area.

Another gem from Rahane!

This time off the back foot, a thundering square-cut for four.

Eden Gardens has always been a high-scoring ground. At this rate, India are looking good to get a big first-innings total.

Final over of the first Power Play coming up.

IND - 43/1 after 9 overs.


Rahane is really peppering the gap between covers and mid-off.

This time a simple punch on the rise for for four. Beautiful head position and balance.

Follows that up with an identical shot in the same direction. Top stuff this!

India suffered a major top-order collapse in the first ODI in Chennai, they need these two to have a big partnership today.

IND - 34/1 after 8 overs.


The Aussies have a set plan for Kohli here.

Pitch a few short and then throw one full and wide.

The Indian captain has a tendency to go for it hard early in his innings. Gets nicked-off that way often.

Meanwhile, Rahane ends the over with another super shot through overs for four.

IND - 26/1 after 6 overs.



Rohit goes for another expansive drive through covers, but goes into the shot too early and the ball goes straight back to Coulter-Nile.

The Aussie juggles the ball a bit but does well to hold on to it.

This is a big blow for the hosts, Rohit was looking good there.

Anyway, the crowd erupts as captain Virat Kohli walks out to have a hit.

IND - 19/1 after 5.1 overs.


Rahane joins the act!

Two boundaries in that over for the right-hander.

First, a beautiful cover-drive, followed but a punch on the front foot past the right of point.

The Mumbai lads have given India a solid start here.

IND - 18/0 after 4 overs.



What a shot!

Cummins pitches it full and wide, Rohit meets it with the most gorgeous cover-drive for four.

The front foot reached the out, the ball met the screws of the bat, and the shot was finished with the perfect follow through.

Not many cricketers in the world can make your jaw drop with a simple drive through covers. Rohit Sharma can.

Just the four runs from that over.


Nathan Coulter-Nile had an outstanding first ODI. He has started off nicely today as well.

Rohit Sharma, for whom the Eden Gardens is an extremely happy hunting ground, is looking solid in defence.

IND - 5/0 after 2 overs.


Good start for Cummins. There is sharp bounce in the wicket, all the rain and moisture has given it life.

India will have to negotiate these initial overs carefully. They are 3 for no loss after the first over.



Right, we're all set for the first set for the first ball in Kolkata.

Ajinkya Rahane has taken strike for India, Pat Cummins has the new ball in his hand for Australia.

Here we go!



The two teams have walked out on to the field for the national anthems.

The sun is shining in Kolkata!



Hello everyone and welcome to live coverage of the 2nd ODI between India and Australia in Kolkata.

With rains lashing the city in the last few days, there were doubts over the start of play on Thursday.

But the dark clouds have made way for sunshine in Kolkata, and we're all set for live action.

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