Sumedh Basani shows how being a social media influencer and serial entrepreneur is the winning formula

Sumedh’s social media platform and presence has allowed him to expand his message of financial literacy and discipline to people all over the world.

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Developing his consulting brand to serve clients in the areas of relationships, self-help, finance, depression, marketing, fitness and lifestyle, Sumedh has provided life changing advice to his clients. His holistic process has allowed clients to create massive change in their mindsets and overall success.

The internet is a powerful place filled with what to do and what not do. Everywhere we go we are bombarded with products, images, and concepts that subliminally influence us in our thought process. Whether we like or not we digest all the information provided to us in the digital world we consume. There are endless opportunities to fall victim to some of the bad habits that our many in our generation adopt. Sumedh Basani wishes to change that with his work and aims to introduce scientific and biologically proven strategies to help individuals, groups, and large-scale organizations elevate their thinking.

Sumedh’s financial services firm, Basani Financial, has helped thousands of clients all over the United States in their insurance, healthcare, and retirement needs. Providing expert advice for many Americans on the correct and most efficient strategies to save money, build wealth, and create tax-deferred retirement income streams, Basani Financial is now one of the largest private insurance brokerages in the United States. With thousands of agents contracted, Sumedh’s organization and platform is soon to be a very powerful national competitor to many large organizations.

Sumedh’s social media platform and presence has allowed him to expand his message of financial literacy and discipline to people all over the world. Sumedh has changed the lives of many with his Podcast called “ThoughCastOfficial ,” and has created a massive online community. At the time of writing, Sumedh’sTiktok alone has over 300,000 followers in the last 3 months. This level of growth is rare to see and is well deserved for the young CEO.

With his roots in India, he currently travels all over the US to consult with businesses and qualified clients, Sumedh has become one the most desired private consultants in the world. The end goal for Sumedh is to create a larger awareness on how to improve our lives in all manners. His philosophy revolves around a holistic growth process, instead of picking one area and focusing on it. “We cannot just pick one thing and expect it to improve, that’s the major issue. Growth in business requires growth in personal life, and vice versa. We must learn that everything is connected and our growth must be all together, instead of one piece at a time,” Sumedh says.

Be sure to follow this explosive business mogul in the making on Instagram @Sumedhbasani & his Tiktok at @ThoughtcastOfficial.



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